2 Weeks Pregnant: Optimizing Your Chances For Fertilization


At week two, your menstrual period has ended and your uterine lining is thickening as your egg ripens, getting ready to be released into your fallopian tube. If all goes according to plan, toward the end of this week your egg should be perfectly positioned for fertilization.

Fertilization is the moment when the sperm makes its way to your egg, at which time a very important factor is determined. While it will be months before your health care professional is able to tell you if you’ll be having a boy or a girl, your baby’s gender is set as soon as the sperm completes its job.

Here’s how it works: A total of 46 chromosomes will make up your baby’s genetic material, and two will determine the sex. Your egg has an X chromosome, while sperm can carry either X or Y. If the sperm that gets through has an X chromosome, your baby will be a girl, but if it carries a Y, you’ll have a boy.

Now the trick is getting that sperm to your egg. Conceiving can be a little trickier than simply having sex though, as we all know, that’s all it takes sometimes. Some experts recommend having intercourse every other day during this time to optimize your chances of conceiving. Knowing your ovulation cycle and timing intercourse around it are keys to success.

You now know that ovulation generally occurs toward the end of the second week of your cycle, but the exact timing varies from woman to woman. Signs that you’re ovulating include thin, slippery discharge, similar to the consistency of egg whites, and some women can feel their eggs being released.

Typically, it feels like a slight twinge of pain on one side of the lower abdomen. In addition to becoming familiar with your cervical mucus, you may want to track your temperature throughout the month because it generally rises a small amount just after ovulation.

Whether this is the very first time you will try to get pregnant or the 21st time this is it! During this 2nd week of pregnancy, romance (or at least making love) should your priority if you want to conceive.

Most women ovulate around 14 days after the first day of their last period, which should be at some point in the second half of this week or so. To maximize your chances of conception, you should make love the days before as well as on the actual day of ovulation. Learn about the signs of ovulation here.

Being what is defined as 2 weeks pregnant is an exciting time. Now is when you can maximize your chances to conceive During this crucial period, your uterine lining is thickening in order to receive the fertilized egg! If you do get pregnant, the picture to the left shows what your baby-to-be will look like three days after conception.

It will be important for you to be aware of all your family’s medical history to prepare yourself and any caregivers for any health concerns related to you and your baby. Preventative measures work best when examined by knowledgeable medical staff that will be administering care to you and your baby during the next 40 weeks and beyond.

One in approximately 89 pregnancies will result in 2 (or more!) eggs being released for fertilization, so you may know sooner than later that you are the parent of multiples. If this is the case for you, then you will need specialized attention during the course of your pregnancy.

Only one chromosome carried in the sperm and one from the egg will determine right from the start if you will have a boy or a girl. Essentially a Y chromosome will produce a boy while an X chromosome will reap a girl for you in the coming months. There is, however, research indicating that you can affect your chances to conceive a girl or a boy naturally. Read more about it here.

No matter what you will end up with, you and those around you are sure to love the new addition to the family without question.

Mom’s Body

The picture below shows a normal menstrual cycle. 2 weeks pregnant, you are now right in the middle of the timeline, where all the action occurs. Your egg is released, several hormones spike and your basal body temperature will rise sharply.

All within 12-24 hours, As you can see, temperature charting is not the best way to keep track of ovulation, since the temperature rise actually happens at and after ovulation – when your chance this month to conceive has already passed. Instead, learn about other important ovulation symptoms here.

As your body gets ready to nourish the new addition, your uterine lining is developing while secreting follicle-stimulating hormones that stimulate the egg to mature. The entire process of fertilization can take anywhere from 12-24 hours in total, which may seem like a very short time for such a blessed event to occur.

Out of the 250 million sperms that are released for fertilization to occur, only approximately 400 will survive the ten-hour journey it takes to reach your egg. Only one lucky sperm will be able to burrow its way through the outer membrane in about 20 minutes to reach the egg to complete the fertilization process.

There are many theories as to how to productively conceive, from staying lying down after ejaculation or even the different positions in order to optimize traveling for sperm. Many of these theories are just that -theories- and have not been proven medically to enhance the conception at all, but others swear by them.

Keeping in touch with your health care provider is a good measure when beginning the process of pregnancy in order to monitor your cycles, as well as the timing. This can help you conceive faster than if you were to try on your own without any guidance. At least get yourself a convenient ovulation predictor, to boost your chances of getting pregnant. (Link to Amazon)

Bear in mind that proper nutrition, exercise and abstaining from harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs will dramatically increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby in the end. Make sure you take all the proper vitamins too. Defined as 2 weeks pregnant, you may feel a little overwhelmed with all the information you are receiving regarding conception and the beginning of gestation, but do not worry. Just make love, avoid any drugs and take your prenatal vitamins.

Diary of Daughter

What’s it really like being 2 weeks pregnant.?

Here’s a true diary from a 2-weeks-pregnant mom (Me..!)

So, back to trying…  I had my fallopian tubes checked, absolutely nothing wrong with them, and I was so relieved. A friend told me that the chances to conceive are actually higher after a Hystero salpingography (checking the tubes) since some fluid has been flushed through them. I don’t know, but my hopes increase just a little bit. Maybe this will be THE month…

But it’s been a long time now, trying to conceive and it is so difficult to stay positive.

Some women prefer to use an ovulation kit. This is a daily at-home urine test that can be purchased at the drugstore to measure your levels of luteinizing hormone, which sends a signal to your ovaries to release an egg. To best detect the amount of this hormone in your urine, you should begin testing nine or 10 days after the first day of your last menstrual period.

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