5 Reasons for Sleep Deprivation

A lack of sleep can be attributed to many factors. Work commitments, diet and the set up of your bedroom can all impact how you sleep at night. In this article we will look at possible reasons as to why you could be experiencing sleep deprivation.

What you sleep on.

For some people, a mattress is simply just a mattress. It does not affect them during the night when they sleep. For others, getting the right mattress is crucial for feeling comfortable when sleeping.  Depending on what your specific requirements are, you may need a firm mattress with support or one that is softer. If you are not comfortable sleeping on your mattress then that could be a big reason why you are getting deprived of sleep.

Consuming stimulants.

Consuming things like caffeine late in the afternoon can have a huge impact on your sleep. For some people this is not an issue at all. They can have a coffee or can of coke before bed and then go to sleep straight away, for others it is the complete opposite. Whether it be a coffee, a red bull energy drink, or any other substances that stimulate the mind and body, it is not a good idea to consume them in the afternoon if you want quality sleep.

Sleeping during the day.

For some people sleeping during the day is a bad idea. As it usually means that come night-time, when you are normally ready for bed, you are awake and alert simply because you got your rest earlier. While a short rest is usually ideal for most people, making the rests longer could have adverse effects when it is time to go to sleep at night.

As parents will attest to, cutting out their child’s naps during the day can make them sleep all the way through the night, compared to when they are allowed to nap during the day. Now this is not the case for every parent but for some it is paramount not to allow long sleeps during the day.


This is a big one for most people. Stress is one of the hardest things to control when you are trying to go to sleep. Whether you are thinking about a mistake at work, your life choices or relationships, all this does is affect your ability to get quality sleep at night. When the wheels are constantly turning as you think about what happened during the day or what you must do for work the next day, it can feel impossible to fall asleep.

Reducing your stress levels is crucial to a good night’s sleep. Try meditation, listening to relaxing music, or drinking a warm drink before you go to sleep to destress.

Sleeping disorders.

Many people unfortunately suffer from some type of sleep disorder. From sleep apnea to narcolepsy, sleeping disorders can have a severe impact on one’s life. Luckily, today there are many techniques and special equipment that can be used to improve sleep for those who suffer from disorders. For example, sleep apnea machines, like those from CPAP Direct, can assist those who suffer from sleep apnea.

Unfortunately, most of life’s stresses are with us for our entire lifetime and the sad reality is that even if we happen to get relief from one stress another one inadvertently pops up. Everything mentioned above can contribute to lack of sleep and as most people know that if you do not get quality sleep it can be very harmful for your body and its ability to function the way you need it too. The bottom line is if you are procrastinating over buying a new mattress or if you are not eating right as well as exercising it all can impact your sleep. So, buy that mattress, put the right food in your body and exercise regularly to give yourself the best chance at getting the quality sleep your body needs.

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