7 Pemf Devices Hacks Only the Pros Know


7 PEMF hacks only the pro knows

With the latest advent of PEMF(Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) as a non-invasive form of therapy, people have been increasingly showing their interest into this sort of technology as it is potentially a next generation solution to various disorders or problems such as non-union bone fractures or sleeping/mood disorders. 

In this age of technology, it is more than appropriate to look for medical alternatives that leave no scars on your body, and do not involve surgery. With PEMF, that is possible. 

Although for most, PEMF is relatively new and because of that, a newcomer would certainly find it to be rather confusing at first regarding its mechanics. This article will focus on showing you 7 tips and tricks you can do along with DIY (Do It Yourself) in your PEMF therapy session, read below to find out more!

  • Homemade PEMF device

If you are in a pinch and are intending to get a cheaper solution than buying the pricey commercial alternative, then you are in luck! For PEMF is not just restricted to wellness centers or retail products, you can create one sitting at home from nearly any object that can act as a signal amplifier, basically any home audio amplifier and an electric coil. 

  • Drink Water keep yourself stuffed

If you are intending on making your therapy of PEMF to be more effective, make sure to drink lots of water and stuff yourself with foods rich in iron as PEMF will certainly work much better if your body is rich in iron. In short, don’t start yourself or you might just find yourself on the mercy of not even PEMF helping the regrowth of your possibly fractured bone.

  • Improvise

Any sort of improvisation for your PEMF therapy can work, as has been said in #1, you can use any sort of home utility to make a PEMF device, even from a vacuum cleaner, you could get that sort of equipment. Although it would be preferable if you were doing it under some sort of knowledge of how magnets work.

PEMF mats

While a pricier option, this can help you immensely with your back pain or if you are intending to improve your muscles. Imagine coming home after a workout and your whole body is aching, in normal cases. You would either just have to suffer through the agony or in the worse cases even take a painkiller. But with a PEMF mat, you could simply make sure to shower before laying down on the mat, as has been said before. Water works well with electromagnetic fields

  1. Electric Taco

You may have heard this term before, given by “Tony Robbins”, Electric Taco consists of two mats one that acts like your typical mat and the other that acts as a blanket. This taco sort of effect gives a soothing effect to the body and heals the nerve along with accelerating bone growth and helps in muscle energy.

While technically it is a commercial product, one with a decent knowledge of PEMF mats with sufficient money(which is technically a far fetched thought) could get two mats and create their own makeshift Electric Taco mat and experience a new world of bliss, or you can visit a wellness center that has the Electric Taco in it.

  1. Keep a proper timing and exposure

Make sure to keep a proper timing of how much PEMF radiation you take in, 30 minutes can be more than, most PEMP mats come with preprogrammed options to either use  low or medium exposure, could be higher. But to build your tolerance, start with low or medium options to be safe. The best part about PEMF mats is that you can use them anywhere, be it on bed, recliner or a chair. You have nothing else but to sit and take in the exposure.

  1. Do a PEMF therapy session an hour before sleeping

PEMF can give one a certain mental focus and calm their mind down, this will help in getting a good night’s sleep without any sort of interruption. That is why it is recommended to do a PEMF mat exposure therapy just before sleeping an hour earlier or two.

And there you have it, these 7 tips and tricks that could help you in getting a better PEMF experience and an overall better lifestyle!

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