Cleanliness is the Key to Good Health

Cleanliness is the Key to Good Health


As we are all taught from a young age, hygiene is incredibly crucial if we want to avoid getting sick. So that means always washing your hands after using the toilet, limit the dirty things you touch, try to avoid people who smoke as the smoke can be harmful to your health. Keep your house clean too, try, and get rid of all the dust and dirt around your place because it is not good for us if we breathe it in. As well as those things, keeping your carpets, couches and even mattresses clean can go a long way to help prevent illness. Simply because if you have animals that come into your home after they have been outside, they can bring in dirt and other nasty things that can make you or your family sick. That is why it is critical to try and keep your house nice and clean to limit the risks of you getting sick. You can  visit Sleepify to learn more about how to keep your mattress clean. 

Here are just a few things that you should keep clean to ensure you have a healthy life.

Keep your teeth clean

As we know keeping your teeth clean is critical for their health. Because after a certain age, usually around 10 we lose all our baby teeth, and our adult ones start to come through. When you were young if a new tooth fell out then one of your adult teeth would slowly start to pop up. However, once you have your adult teeth, they do not have another one to pop up into that same stop. So, if you lose one for whatever reason you will be left with a gap where the tooth used to be. That is why brushing your teeth twice a day is imperative to their health. Because when you eat some parts of the food can get stuck in your teeth and if left for a while( if you do not brush your teeth before you go to bed) then it can develop bacteria that can be harmful to your teeth and if left untreated can make them go rotten. So, take good care of your pearly whites.

Keep your fingernails clean

Your fingernails can help your fingertips avoid injury but if they are left uncut for too long then that is when problems can arise. According to research there are several infective bacteria that can build up under your nails and it is important to regularly cut both your fingernails and your toenails to avoid these nasty bacteria. So, try and keep your nails nice and clean but regularly cutting them to avoid any harmful bacteria.

Make sure your hair is clean too.

It is always a good idea to keep your hair clean. If you work in a dirty place, some of that dirt and grime can get into your hair and that can then make it smell and not look genuinely nice. Try and make sure you wash your hair every couple of days and run a comb through it too. Using a comb will help get out all the little bits of dirt and other things out of your hair. Experts say that you should use a good quality shampoo and conditioner for best results.

Have nice clean skin 

As well all know our skin has millions of pores and some of them take in oxygen while others discharge some oil to help cleanse our skin. However, when we sweat that is our pores releasing the sweat and other not so nice things that can build up on our skin. When we sweat or are dirty, that can block our pores from doing their jobs and the result of that is pimples. That is why you must clean your skin everyday so you can get rid of the dust, dirt and sweat that block up your pores and avoid the nasty effects of blocked pores.

Be clean in public

Now this is a no-brainer. Being hygienic in public is a non written rule amongst everyone. Your clothes, shoes, hair, and face should all be clean when you go out in public. We do this because we will be near other people and we do not want them to get sick because of our own negligence. That is why it is crucial to teach our children the importance of good hygiene from an early age as it is a crucial part of keeping them healthy when they are young but also gives them the knowledge of what to do and what not to do in public as they grow up.

How to keep your kids clean

As a parent myself, the responsibility falls on me to teach my kids about good hygiene and the rules that they should follow not only in our house but also in public. It should eventually get to the stage where it all becomes second nature to them, and they follow the steps without even thinking sometimes. My little boy is taught to always wash his hands thoroughly after using the toilet with soap and make sure he dries them properly too. There are some other neat little hints and tips too. Always use a towel once, when he/she has a bath or shower use a comb to get all the dirt out of their hair, before having a drink, clean the glass out (rinse with water) as dust can build up in the glass.

As my son will soon be off to kindy it is my wife and I’s responsibility to update his cleaning knowledge for when he is in contact with other people. He will see how my wife and I interact with others and in the way we do and hopefully he follows those same guidelines, not only for his health but for other children’s health too. Other simple things could be that if it is cold outside put a jumper on but be careful not to put too many clothes on as your child could get unnecessarily warm and vice versa in hot weather.

Try and follow some of these tips to help you and your family stay as healthy as possible and especially during this Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene has never been more imperative.

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