Effects of Kratom

The Kratom simultaneously produces stimulating effects (especially in low doses) and sedative in high doses.


The stimulant level: At this level the mind is more alert, increasing physical energy and sometimes sexual. The ability to do hard monotonous physical labor can be strengthened; he is more talkative, friendly and sociable. Some people find this level more than pleasant.


The level sedative-euphoric-analgesic : At this level you will be less sensitive to physical and emotional pain, you will feel calm and you appear, getting a general feeling of comfortable pleasure, and may enter a pleasant reverie. You can also have itching and sweating, and constricted pupils. You may feel nausea, normally quickly going to lay back and relax.


You can also feel an increased appreciation of music. It will be very nice mouth above lie in a darkened room with your favorite music can reach into a charming and dream-sleep state, where you have one foot in the real world and another in the world of dreams. This state was much appreciated by the Romantic writers of the nineteenth century, which did not know the Kratom, and to reach them using opiates, most addictive and dangerous substances.


The effects of kratom usually last about 6 hours. The higher the stronger doses will be the effects and its duration. Many people report a positive glow on the following day


Dose sheets


2-6 grams= mild effects (typically the effects are stimulant-type)

7-15 grams= medium strength effects (effects can be stimulating or sedative-type euphoric-analgesic)

16-25 grams= strong effects (sedative-euphoric-analgesic effects, too strong for sensitive people)

26-50 grams= very strong effects (sedative-euphoric-analgesic effects, too strong for most people)


Safety Guidelines


It is better to be cautious and not to use kratom more than once a week. Preferably not be used more than 1 or 2 times in a month to avoid forming a habit.


Kratom should be reserved for special occasions, using it infrequently forget the possibility of creating habit and get over it.

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