Five Signs That You Should Book A Dentist Appointment

Five Signs That You Should Book A Dentist Appointment

The city of Mission Viejo is located in Saddleback Valley, Orange County, California. Finding a dentist in Mission Viejo is relatively easy as California is home to 28,800 dentists.

Is it necessary to visit a dentist only when you experience an issue with your mouth? No, it’s not. You should include a visit to the dentist every 2-3 months in your routine.  It would help if you remembered that a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body.

Avoiding a dentist’s visit even if you are experiencing problematic symptoms is carelessness. Listed below are five signs for booking an appointment with your dentist.


A toothache is one of the most apparent reasons for a dental appointment. Cavities often cause tooth pain, failing fillings or restorations, cracks or fractures, swollen gums, or teeth grinding. It is possible to minimize the damage to your teeth if you pay attention to certain warning signs and get them checked by a dentist.

Bleeding after brushing or flossing

A bloodstain on your toothbrush or sink is not normal. There is a possibility that you have gum disease, also referred to as periodontitis, in which the tissues around your teeth are infected. It can lead to the loss of your teeth if left untreated. You may also experience swollen, tender, or red gums and a discharge.

Changes in your mouth’s texture or color

Is there a change in the mouth’s texture or color, such as red and white patches? Are there any lumps where none previously existed? These may be signs of severe problems, so it is essential to consult your dentist immediately.


There are several nerve endings found in dentin, which are protected by enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. However, when the dentin is exposed to acidic conditions in the mouth (GERD), excessive brushing, or trauma to the enamel, it causes hypersensitivity. It is susceptible to hot and cold foods, beverages, and even air. Luckily, dental fillings can help treat sensitivity by covering the exposed dentin. If you don’t get it checked, it may lead to pulp damage and cause severe pain and discomfort.


The cost of tooth filling in Mission Viejo, California, starts from 50$ and increases as per the tooth surfaces that need to be treated.

Jaw issues

The presence of pain or swelling around the jaw is also a sign that you should consult a dentist. Perhaps you have an uneven bite that causes stress on your jaw, or maybe you are experiencing TMJ symptoms like a clicking and popping sound while opening and closing your mouth. This is an annoyance and a severe problem that makes eating unpleasant. There is a possibility that your jaw may completely lock up, leaving you unable to open or close it. Depending on the severity of your TMJ issue, your dentist may even be able to reposition your jaw completely if it locks.


The cost of visiting a dentist in Mission Viejo starts from 50$ to a few 1000$ depending on the severity of the issue. For cleaning, X-rays, and dental treatments, the cost can vary. The issues mentioned above are very common that most people ignore. However, if you leave them untreated, they will become much bigger problems and cause more pain and discomfort.

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