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I just spent a wonderful weekend in Savannah, Georgia at a family wedding. Aside from the beauty of the city, what impressed me was the atmosphere of kindness. The people were genuinely friendly. Relaxed, happy and just plain NICE. Southern Hospitality is not a myth, after all…

And then today was my annual visit with my oncologist; a visit that- even after 20 years as a survivor – always stirs up mixed feelings, among them trepidation and relief.

So, you may be asking: What do these two things have to do with anything?

Well, I just have to share with all of you a fabulous find:

The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, a non-profit foundation located in Nashville, TN., is offering free nutrition consultations with a registered dietitian to anyone in need of nutrition advice as it pertains to cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. (The comedienne Minnie Pearl was successfully treated for breast cancer in 1990.)

Kimberly Petersen, R.D., will work directly with you on your personal nutrition needs and also can provide you with educational resources and materials. She can also help with menu planning and specialized preparations to ensure you’re receiving the right nutrients in your diet.

This is completely FREE (did I already mention that?) for anyone who is currently undergoing cancer treatment.

I know that when I was going through chemotherapy, my tastebuds– and stomach – really took a hit. It was difficult to tolerate a lot of the healthy foods I needed, and many foods I had once liked took on an unpleasant flavor. As a result, I lost a lot of weight, which I possibly could have avoided had I consulted with a good nutritionist.

Since nutrition plays such an important role in cancer prevention (not to mention the importance of a healthy diet to support your immune system during – and after – cancer treatments), I think that everyone affected by cancer should take advantage of this wonderful generous service.

For more information visit us our website:

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