Grab A Cup Already! Here’s Why Coffee Is Good For Your Health!


Coffee lovers, here’s a happy news for you’ll. You do not have to think twice before gulping down a cup of coffee every day; it is healthy for you. According to a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, people who drink coffee twice a day, whether it is caffeinated or not, may have lower chances of dying from certain illnesses than those who abstain it. The study was conducted on more than 5,00,000 people across 10 European countries over the last 16 years.

The study found that people who drank coffee, show signs of heaving healthier livers and circulatory systems, as well as lower levels of inflammation as compared to those who do not like coffee at all. The findings of the study also indicated higher coffee consumption was linked with a reduced risk of death from any cause, including circulatory diseases and digestive diseases.

Older and smaller scale studies had found a direct link between those who drank coffee and increased chances of certain ailments like liver cancer.

Here are some more reasons to drink a cup of coffee daily-

1. Coffee is great for your liver

Coffee is said to work wonders for people with liver problems. A research led by Duke-NUS graduate Medical School asserted that about three to four cups of coffee may prove to be beneficial in the longer run.

2. It is known to lessen the risk of type-2 diabetes

Regular coffee intake can ward off the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, a research conducted by Harvard scholar proved that for each daily cup of coffee taken, risk of diabetes decreases by nine percent.

3. Heart-friendly

People who drink coffee regularly were found to be at a lower risk of heart rhythm disturbances and heart strokes as per a study.

4. Increases mental sharpness

Caffeine in the coffee blocks the action of adenosine, a molecule that directs our brain to feel tired and further helps keep your mind sharp and alert.

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