Hidden Home Dangers They Never Tell You


Hidden Home Dangers They Never Tell You

In today’s modern world we feel we are safe because we know it all. At the least we feel we can find out about it all because every piece of modern knowledge is at our fingertips in our phones. But sometimes there are dangers, hidden dangers, right in our own homes.

They can be lurking in our walls, hidden in our ceilings and waiting for us in our basements. We might be storing them in our medicine cabinet or tucking them away in our bedroom closets. These are the hidden dangers in our homes that no one ever talks about, and should.

In Our Closets

While no one wants to find a moth hole in our favorite sweater, using mothballs to fight them may not be the safest solution. Those stinky little balls that we use to keep out moths also can be dangerous to our pets. If you have a cat that loves to hang out in your closet, you may need to toss out those mothballs now. The gasses that the mothballs produce can be lethal to a small animal like a cat.

Kids and Pesticides

Pesticides of all types are common. In fact, they are in 90% of all American households and can do more damage than simply killing the odd fly or rat. So while the EPA may be testing these pesticides we still get 46,000 calls regarding poisoning and kids under 5 to the Poison Control Centers in the U.S. every year. So if you must have them around be sure they are safely locked up when not in use.

Between the Walls

If you live in an older home, let’s say one that was built before the 1950s, you may be breathing in a toxic substance right now. It lives in the spaces between the walls and even in your ceilings and attics. Asbestos was considered a wonder material between the 1930s and the 1950s because it was naturally resistant to fire and chemicals.

The problem is that the tiny fibres can get lodged in your lungs and cause serious health problems. So check your sale documents and then look between those walls. If you see asbestos you will need to get professionals to remove it and maybe even a mesothelioma lawsuit to cover the damages to your health as well as repairs.

In Your Carpets

Many of us love the look and feel of wall to wall carpets. But the chemicals used in the process of laying those carpets may be making you sick. It has lately been discovered that volatile organic compounds (VOC) are in these materials and may even be in the carpets themselves.

While the worst of this may dissipate over a short time after the carpet has been laid, the best way to combat this is to only use carpets that are guaranteed to not have VOC materials.

Mold, Mayhem and More

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding and removing toxic substances in your home. While not every home has them, it can be hard work to identify what you have in your home if you feel something isn’t quite right.

Mold in basements, glue releasing noxious gases in old pressed wood panelling and even the printer ink from our home office can be the culprit. There is no reason to be paranoid, but it is true, the poisons are out there. Get educated, get out and look and act. You will find you will breathe easier and feel safer just knowing you have taken the time to root out these deadly substances that surround your home.

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