How CBD does or doesn’t affect your Medication

How CBD does or doesn't affect your Medication

Today, the demand for CBD is ever-increasing. This substance, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical substance extracted from cannabis plants. A cannabis plant can either be marijuana or a hemp plant depending on the quantity of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) present in the plant.

We now have CBD available in different day-to-day forms from lotions to gummies and even shampoos. You can even find beer, tinctures, and smoothies that are made with recipes that include CBD.

It is no hidden fact that a lot of health experts have suggested that CBD has a lot of health benefits. This substance can be used in pain relief, for treating insomnia, and even anxiety management. However, the reported possible health benefits of CBD do not change the fact that the substance has not been thoroughly studied and is  unregulated.

As a result, different questions have popped up regarding how this compo

.und fares when taken with other pharmaceutical prescriptions. Here are some of the opinions of experts in this regard:


A CBD research expert said that very few facts are available concerning the effect of CBD on pharmaceutical prescriptions. However, he did not hold back his suspicion on how he feels that oral medications especially are negatively affected by CBD.

Other health experts did not oppose this suspicion and here’s why;

Cytochrome P450 is an enzyme in the liver that helps in breaking down more than 60% of prescriptions. Unfortunately, this same set of enzymes are also responsible for the metabolism of CBD. Previous studies indicated that one of the sturdiest inhibitors of Cytochrome P450 is CBD. This implies that the speed of metabolism of other medications will be significantly affected when CBD is taken with them. Why? Cannabidiol will stop the activity of these live enzymes, causing the medications to remain in the body longer. Get amazing CBD products from Berkshirecbd.

He continued by giving an example of a commonly prescribed medication for thinning blood, warfarin. He indicated that there is a time period that warfarin is permitted to stay in any patient’s system. Hence, if the reduced metabolism of this medication means that the drug will stay longer than expected in the body, it increases the risk of other health issues. In fact, he stated that the medication could end up being toxic. He highlighted that health issues like a severe hemorrhage or traumatic bleeding may also be possible side effects of this slowed metabolism.

This illustration also applies to anxiety management prescriptions like benzos. Patients who use both cannabidiol and this medication may experience drowsiness and severe sedation as just a few of the numerous potential side effects.

The expert went as far as indicating that the toxicity of the medications after their metabolism is slowed down can affect the respiratory system of the body. Another health expert disclosed the perception of doctors towards CBD and antibiotics. They also fear that the effects of antibiotics on the body may be annulled or altered by the consumption of CBD.

 It is vital to always seek the advice of your doctor before taking a combination of CBD and other medications to avoid health issues.

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