Know More About Accutane Acne Treatment And Side Effects


The FDA approved health program iPLEDGE has brought forward the use of the drug in treating acne. The accutane acne treatment is quite much under talk since it got into practice, and that’s because of both good and bad factors. At one side it is highly effective in treating acne in men and women, when other conventional modes of treatment have failed. On the other side, there are long-term side effects, and mainly women of child bearing age are at the risk of developing serious birth defects in babies due to this.

How accutane works?

It is one form of synthetic Vitamin A, which comes in the form of a small capsule. Isotretinoin is actually the generic name of this drug. It is to be swallowed with a glass of water, once a day, after taking food or milk.
It inhibits the release of natural oils and sebum in the body. As a result controlled oil production and release on facial skin reduces the triggers to acne on skin. Hence acne gets reduced and eventually stops. This form of treatment is only used when all other conventional treatments like gels and creams, ointments and topical applications etc have failed.

How effective is accutane medication?

The treatment with it is reported to be effective in most cases. Initially after starting the medication the acne may get worse. Then it starts showing improvement gradually in a course of 15-20 weeks the continued treatment reduces acne. After isotretinoin is stopped acne is not much seen and gets cured quite well in many patients.

What are the side effects?

The main serious side effect of the drug is birth defects in babies in case a woman takes it anywhere within 30 days before conceiving, or through pregnancy, or conceives within the first 30 days of stopping the medicine. Hence regular use of primary and secondary birth control is a mandate with women of child bearing age to take the drug.
Other side effects are dryness inside mouth and body skin, nose bleeding, chilitis, inflammation of eye whites, hair loss, depression, joint pain, insomnia, tinnitus, headache, increased cholesterol, skin peeling, extreme skin sensitivity and more.
While women may suffer from long term side effects like irregular periods, lack of libido and infertility, the accutane side effects for men besides the general ones can be erectile dysfunction, impotence, lack of libido etc.

Accutane results in serious depression too including spells of crying, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and behavior etc. Hence while you are inquiring the cost of the medicine with anticipation to get an acne free clear skin, you must talk to your iPLEDGE registered doctor for prescription and treatment. Also care must be taken that you don’t get an overdose of the drug in any condition.

How to get the drug

You won’t get to buy this medicine that easily in stores as the drug has been discontinued. However the marked results in diminishing acne and in many cases the permanent cure of acne by this have increased the demand for the medicine. Hence the medicine has been made available online. You would find reliable websites selling accutane online, and there you would also get the revised prices of the drug.

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