Planning For The Best First Aid Kit

First aid kit

The Best First Aid Kit

Every home or office should have a first aid kit, but it isn’t always easy to know how to make sure that the kit you have has everything you might need. Sure, you could go to one of those big box stores and get a ready-made first aid kit. But have you ever really looked at them?

They have more bandages then you will likely ever need, little tubes of mystery ointment and who knows what else. But just as every city has its own disasters, so too should every home or office have a first aid kit that fits for their location and the type of emergencies big and small that you think may happen.

Identify the Basics

Of course the first task for anyone is to figure out just what the basics are that every first aid kit needs to include. This is often where you can get those basic ones for a car and then add the other items you know you will need to a big plastic container.

If you plan on putting your own list together and want a cheat list, you can check out the one listed hereon the Modern Survival site. From this list you can add or subtract what you think your particular location might need.

Adding in Special Tools

Sometimes for just a few dollars you can add a few special tools that just might make that emergency a bit easier to handle, for example those special nursing scissorsthat many healthcare professionals use to cut off old bandages. If you need to remove blood soaked rags or get to an injury in a hurry, these are just the ticket. I love the ones that color4care makes because the bright colours make them easy to find in a hurry.

Personal Additions

Once you have the basics put together and your special tools assembled, don’t forget a few things you may want to add on a personal side. These can include your prescription medications, a crank-up radio to check for news reports, allergy medications and a little extra room for antacids and pain relievers.

If you have diet restrictions such as being lactose intolerant, you might want to add the OTC medicines you use for these conditions.

Diabetics need to be sure they add in their insulin and asthma sufferers should have an extra inhaler tucked away. If you wear eyeglasses, it is smart to add in an extra pair of glasses too. All of these little personal items will make dealing with any situation that much easier.

Make Like a Boy Scout – Be Prepared

If the idea of putting together your own first aid kit together is a bit intimidating, try starting with a store bought kit. Make a list of what you want to add, and add a new item each week or each month. Schedule a time every 6 months when you check it for battery life and to renew prescriptions.

Before you know it you will have your very own specialized first aid kit just for you and your family or business. You should be congratulated because by putting together your first aid kit you will be the one best suited to survive and thrive should disaster strike.

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