Why Premarin Is Effective Estrogen Therapy After Menopause?


Premarin is pure estrogen therapy, which comes in the form of cream and pills both. The medicine is made from estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone secreted in female bodies, and has a big role in body balance and menstrual cycle regulations. This is secreted from the ovaries, and is secreted through the fertile years of a woman. After menopause or surgical removal of ovaries, estrogen secretion is permanently stopped in body, resulting problems like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, poor bone density, irritation, mood swings etc. Premarin tabs and cream are made from natural sources of estrogen. This medicine is used to fight these problems by adding estrogen to the female body.

Report your doctor if

Often the medication is accompanied by a dose of progestin too for cutting off side effects. The drug has some potential side effects which may come with its introducing or will long term application or ingestion. To fight such problem one must discuss with the doctor about any history of the below problems:

  • Any history of pulmonary heart diseases, strokes, heart attacks etc
  • Blood clots existing or old problems
  • Any history of abnormal or unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Liver problems
  • If you have conceived
  • Allergies to estrogens or other allergies
  • Only after discussing these, you may start the medicine.

Side effects of the medicine

  • You may get the following premarin side effects from the drugs.
  • unexplained sudden vaginal bleeding
  • lump in the breast may develop
  • dementia, lack of concentration and confusion
  • chest pain, trouble breathing, heart palpitations and such problems
  • nausea and sweating
  • liver problems like jaundice, skin rashes, lack of appetite, indigestion etc
  • a sudden blood clot in the respiratory system
  • blood clot in legs resulting in pain, redness, swelling and cramps
  • If you get any of these premarin cream side effects, report instantly to the doctor


Premarin cream dosage generally starts from 0.625 mg, though it is also available in 1.25 mg. The 625 mg can be converted to 1.25 when the application amount is increased. The 625 dose is hence quite popular, and the medicine is given in on and off cycles. 2 weeks of medication and 1 week off is one way of treatment with the tablets.

Where to get premarin generic?

Premarin online pharmacy is the source to get this drug at the best price. The cost of the medicine is quite affordable, and you can get 0.625 mg at discounted rates when you buy online. In fact the generic form can be sold to any place and you may avail from any part of the world without a prescription. However, though you buy online, take care to consult a doctor right away if you get instant abnormal vaginal bleeding which is one of the common side effects of the medicine.

The use of the medicine is commendable in treating post menopausal symptoms, and helps guard bone depletion in women as well as mood swings, hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

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