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Attention all post-menopausal women: the progesterone that is lost through menopause – contributing to some pretty pesky annoyances like depression, lethargy, panic attacks, water retention and vaginal dryness – can be increased without hormone replacement. How?

Through close friendships.

A study by the University of Michigan found that bonding with others increases progesterone. When scientists studied the saliva of women who emotionally bonded with other women through a shared cooperative activity designed to elicit closeness, their progesterone levels increased. And when these same women were tested a week later, they felt especially altruistic and said that they’d even risk their lives to help their partners.

Bonding is pretty strong stuff, isn’t it?

I think this is interesting, don’t you? I wonder if the need for friendship, especially as we age, is fueled by our body seeking out some replacement for those lost hormones. Friendship is a pretty easy, safe and inexpensive way to do this.

And, here’s another great thing about friends: sharing laughter. I think we all have those certain friends that we laugh with. But it’s worth the aching jaw, in my opinion. Laughter, as they say, is good for the soul – but it’s also so good for the immune system as well.

Yes, my friends mean a lot to me – they always have, and I suspect they always will. They add a missing link to my life; the puzzle is not complete without that critical piece.

A Woman’s Best Friend

You can’t sleep at night.  You wonder when or if your adult acne will ever go away.  You have a horrible headache every few weeks.  You think these things are just a part of being a woman but you’re wrong.  These are all symptoms of a progesterone deficiency.  Yet, sadly, when you go to the doctor looking for help, chances are you may come home either empty handed or prescribed the wrong drug.  Many doctors simply don’t know an accurate way to diagnose and treat hormone imbalances.

Hormone imbalances, particularly deficiencies in progesterone, are linked to many conditions unique to women such as osteoporosis, menopausal symptoms, insomnia, early miscarriages, anxiety, depression, lumps in the breasts, and the list goes on. While women have learned over the years how to survive with these conditions, survival is not the answer.  The answer is to enjoy life to the fullest by educating yourself about breakthrough research on how natural progesterone can change your life.  Let’s start at the beginning.

The Two Sister Hormones

Like jam and peanut butter, estrogen and progesterone go together.  One without the other just isn’t as good.  A woman’s body thrives when these two hormones are found in correct proportions.  What is more and more common, however, is that these hormones become off balanced, often in favor of estrogen, leaving many of our bodies progesterone deficient.  In fact, Dr. John Lee, a leading researcher of progesterone, estimates that 50 percent of women age 35 and older don’t make enough progesterone.

Why the Imbalance?

While diet, lifestyle, and stress play a part in the imbalance, increasing scientific evidence supports the theory that progesterone deficiency is directly related to the toxins and commercial poisons found in our environment.  A researcher at the University of Florida investigated why alligators in a particular surrounding lake were dying.

He found that eight years previously large amounts of insecticide were deposited in the lake.  The insecticide, which was fat soluble but not biodegradable, had made its way into the plants and animals off which the alligators fed.  Consequently, the follicles in the female alligators’ ovaries were damaged.The follicles are where the female alligators (and human females for that matter) make progesterone.

Another reason for the increasing number of women with incorrect hormone levels is that estrogen is found in so many of the household items and drugs that women use.  For example, petroleum jelly contains estrogen, and the birth control pill is mainly made of estrogen.  Many women are over-prescribed estrogen by their doctors in order to combat menopause.  In actuality, perhaps what many of these women really need is a boost in progesterone.

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is often considered a “sex” hormone because it plays a role in the conception and growth of a fetus.  During the gestation time of a pregnant woman, her body’s production of progesterone rises from 20 mg a day to 400 mg a day.  But progesterone, which is made by the follicles in the ovaries and by the placenta, has many different functions in the body, some which researchers are still trying to understand.

A study done as early as the 1950s reported that progesterone has an important role in the function of the thyroid hormone.  Research from the 1970s showed that progesterone helps women suffering from osteoporosis regain precious bone mass.  Within the last decade medical journals have reported that progesterone helps strengthen the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves in the central nervous system.

This sheath is essential to protect the body from aches and pains.  Scientists have found that brain cells seem to hoard progesterone, but they are not sure why.  Brain cells have 20 times more progesterone in them than blood cells.  All of this research points unequivocally to the fact that progesterone is important to all women in any stage of life.

Estrogen also has important functions.  However, when there is an excess of estrogen, its related functions canturn against you.  For example, estrogen is the survival hormone.  Estrogen is made in the fat cells of the body, and in times of famine it is estrogen that will help a woman live much longer than any man around.  Estrogen holds onto the body’s fat storage.

When there is too much estrogen, it can do the same thing, even if there is no shortage of food.  Since estrogen is made in the fat cells, even after menopause, a woman’s body still makes 40 percent of it before menopause levels.  Progesterone, on the other hand, is made in the follicles of the ovary.  If the uterus and ovaries are removed during menopause, this can lead to a complete decline in progesterone production.

Natural Progesterone

Now that you see just how important it can be for you to supplement your body’s production of progesterone, you are probably wondering how?

In the 1970s, a group of innovative scientists at the Mayo Clinic held a meeting at which they concluded that estrogen shouldn’t be given without its counterpart progesterone.  Of those few doctors who listened to the advice, most didn’t know where to find the progesterone.

There was a synthetic analogue of progesterone used by companies who made birth control pills, and some doctors used this.  However, it wasn’t until some revolutionary doctors started using a natural opical progesterone cream that the medical community realized there was a better form of progesterone available.

Endau Natural progesterone cream is made of the same composition as the progesterone in the female body. It is fat soluble and easily utilized in the body. And best of all this natural progesterone has one of the best-known delivery systems – through the skin.

From the Outside In

One of the best ways to get something inside your body is through the skin.  Skin absorption is 40 to 70 times more efficient than taking a drug orally.  The reason is because when you ingest something, before it gets into the blood and cells of the body it has to first pass through the liver.

The liver often times excretes most of the ingested substance in bile.  The skin can absorb something directly into the blood stream.  This is why medications applied in a “patch” form are lower in potency than the same medication’s oral counterpart.Only a portion of the oral medication gets through while the “patch” medication has a direct pathway to the circulatory system.

A natural progesterone cream that is absorbed directly into the body can help you start feeling like yourself again. Educate yourself and take charge of your hormones.Thousands of women have lost weight, regulated their menstrual cycles, reduced the size of fibroid cysts, and have had many other positive results in their lives with
help from natural progesterone.

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