Specialized Surgeon For Ensuring Comprehensive Treatment


Ensuring Comprehensive Treatment

When it comes to ensuring best-of-kind treatment, you should always rely on a specialist. If you have been looking for an experienced surgeon in New Jersey, then ypu can well rely upon Dr. Mark Hochberg.

Being in the medical field for over 42 years now, he has not only gained a specialized stature, but also maximum recognition in the field. Apart from being a general surgeon, he is currently engaged as a professor at the New York University School of Medicine.

Mark Hochberg MD is a licensed surgeon who over the past 42 years has been carrying out all kinds of surgeries and giving countless families a reason to smile. He is currently practicing his skills in the New York, Massachusetts and also New Jersey.

He is also world renowned and is constantly called upon by various medical institutions to give out lectures and motivational speeches. The good doctor is also quite happy to share his experiences and technicalities to all the young and aspiring surgeons who are planning to walk on the same path.

His specializations:

Dr. Mark Hochberg MD is the finest America has to offer and specializes in several operations such as abdomen contents, liver small bowel, stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas, bile duct and also the complications relating to the gall bladder. Apart from all these, the good doctor is also an expert in performing diseases related to soft tissue, breasts, skin and the hernias.

However on interviewing, the humble doctor says that his co-surgeons and also his associates had an equivalent role in his years and years of success. For his efficient work he was included in FACS of the Fellow American College surgeons.

His education:

Dr. Hochberg completed his education from the Massachusetts general hospital- 1973-75, again from the Massachusetts general hospital- 1977-80 and from the Harvard Medical School- class of 1973.

His licenses or certifications:

When we talk about his Medical licenses or certifications, the good doctor has

  • New York, State Medical License 2005-2016
  • New Jersey Medical License 1981- 2015
  • MA State Medical License 1975-2015
  • American Board of surgery- Surgery.
  • American Board of Thoracic Surgery- Thoracic and cardiac surgery

His publications and presentations:

He has over the years published numerous presentations for all the young students to learn more about the practicing field and gather inspiration. Here are some of those presentations done by the good doctor along with his group of other associates:

“The stress of residency recognizing the signs of depression and suicide in you and your fellow residents”- Hochberg, M.S Berman, R.S Kalet, C. Pachter, S.R Gillespie

“When surgeons decide to become surgeons: new opportunities for surgical education” Hochberg, J. Berman, R.S Kalet, M.S Billig, A.L Zabar, , S.R Fox, J.R Pachter

“Cutting too deep? Assessing the impact of a shorter surgery clerkship on students clinical skills and knowledge”- Hochberg, Bhatia, C.C Berger, M.S Ogilvie, N.D Gillespie

With Mark Hochberg MD extending a hand of helpful and friendly service, you should never think twice before scheduling a consultation when good treatment becomes the need of the hour.

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