Structure of Sentences of An Essay


The essay consists of paragraphs, and paragraph is the main structure that makes an essay. The concentration on the paragraphs helps you to write a strong essay, the rules you have to follow when you are writing an essay are as follows:

The points your paragraphs must have are:

  • A topic sentence which defines the main point of the paragraph.
  • Supporting sentences
  • Point proofing
  • Logics
  • Thoughts
  • Concluding idea or sentence.

Topic sentence:

 it is the basic guide to the paragraph or you can say that it works as a map for the essay telling about the directions of the essay. It is the main idea which conveys the whole sense of the essay, or it is the point which is most focused part in the paragraph.

 You can also say that the whole paragraph depends on that topic sentence, as the name indicates that it is the sentence which defines and analyze the topic, like if the given topic is comparison of different religions and culture so it is the main thought you have to prove so it is the topic sentence, it is not only the sentence which is used in the introduction but the conclusion also depend on this topic sentence, because the whole arguments made in the essay are about this topic sentence and at the end you have to proof it. There are two types of topic sentence, they are as follows:

  • Obvious topic sentence
  • Implied topic sentence

Obvious topic sentence: 

they normally come at the beginning of the paragraph and probably can be the first or second sentence in your paragraph. It is the sentence by reading which the reader figure outs and identifies that what you are going to try to say about the topic and it defines the strategy of your essay

Implied topic sentences: 

in other words the implied topic sentence means that it is hidden some where in the paragraph, not very clearly mentioned and you have to figure it out by yourself. Or you can say that it is ineffective topic sentence it fails to convey the main strategy of the topic.

The other main part of the essay are the supporting sentences because they are the main sentences which supports your essay and make it effective for the reader, let us have a brief look to understand what is a supporting sentence.

Supporting sentences: 

they are interlinked with the topic sentence in a sense that they are supporting the main idea of topic; they are basically those arguments which you made in favor of your topic to prove your point to the reader. Example of a supporting sentence to understand the concept is:

  • To give lightness and substance, eggs are usually added to cakes and donuts.

Point proofing:

 it is a other main factor with out which the paragraph or whole essay is incomplete, like if you do not prove the points you explained in the essay then it is a weak essay and it does not convey any sense and do not attracts the readers to read the essay, it gives a incomplete sense because the point proofing can make your essay to be concluded.

Logics and thoughts: 

the main n part of an essay is that you interpret the thought in your mind, and many writers suggest you to concentrate on your thoughts, like write the same as it is in your mind. Your thoughts are the main factor in distinguishing you from others; if you write something different from others because of different thoughts then you are able to write an effective essay

Concluding sentence: 

it is the sentence which summarizes the whole thought in one sentence and it convey the whole thought explained in the essay.

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