Treating Body Pains with Celebrex


Celebrex is a non steroidal drug. It is anti-inflammatory. It is used to commonly treat various kinds of pains. The drug acts in the body by reducing all the hormones which causes the feeling of pain. The conditions in which Celebrex use is most preferred are:

  • arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis in adults and also in children who are aged 2 years or more
  • menstrual cramps in women
  • spondylitis pain
  • polyps or cysts which are hereditary

Besides, there are other conditions also where the uses are administered. Celebrex generic is available in the name of Celecoxib.

Side effects of the drug

Celebrex is not fit for patients who have a history of heart problems, heart attack etc. If it is taken for long then it may increase chances of heart attack and strokes in patients. Other fatal side effects are intestinal bleeding or bleeding inside stomach. Aged people are more susceptible to such sudden effects. One should not be taking the medicine while or after a heart surgery, bypass surgery etc.

Patients with allergy to sulfa drugs, history of asthma in family or self should not use the medicine. In case you have had problems in liver, kidney, heart, fluid retention, asthma blood clot, stroke etc, you must discuss it in details with the doctor before starting Celebrex.

It may pass to the breast milk, and hence breast feeding while on Celebrex medication is not recommended. Even it’s not suggested in the last trimester of pregnancy for causing birth defects or damage to the unborn.

Any skin rash, swelling and sudden weight gain, or difficulty breathing must be immediately reported to the doctor.

Dosage recommended

The recommended dosage is once a day with or without food. For patients who are getting a stomach upset as a side effect, it’s advised to take it with food. Some may even trying sprinkling the contents of the capsule on a teaspoon full of apple sauce and instantly taking it. This makes swallowing easy. Storing the medicine away from heat and light is recommended.

Normally for acute pain in adults a 400 mg dose is recommended. It may be followed by another 200 mg dose. Later 200 mg of daily dose is continued as needed. This same treatment is useful in dysmenorrhea, while in osteoarthritis a lower dose is needed as 200 mg initially followed by 100 mg doses. For hereditary polyps a daily dose of 400 mg twice is recommended.

How to buy Celebrex generic?

With the advent of online medical sores and they being easily reachable from any location, Celebrex is now available online. You can buy online easily. In fact one of the advantages of getting the medicine from an online store is the chance of getting a discount, which lowers the price a lot. To get such offers you must try collecting some coupon which makes cheap buy easier. To get the best deal it’s good to compare cost with different stores.

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