6 Places for Successful Outdoor Sex

We’ve all thought about doing it once with our partner. But instead of pouncing at the opportunity to have some outdoor action, we often dismiss it as something that’s inappropriate and completely unnecessary.Outdoor sex may sound like a crazy idea at first, butit can actually feel like the most natural thing you’ve ever done once you pull it off successfully. Sure—it will be embarrassing if you’re caught. But on the other hand, it is an exciting, spontaneous, and adventurous way to spice up your love life.


Of course, it isn’t easy to get rid of the nerves especially if it is your first time. But just like in real estate; outdoor sex is all aboutlocation, location, location.Not being caught is a priority, but so is the daringness of the idea. Otherwise, what’s the point?Fortunately for you, here are the top 6places that are crazy yet safe for those who don’t have plenty of experience with outdoor sex.


In the Woods


Okay; you’ve probably seen this coming a mile away. Having sex in the woods sounds almost cliché, but that’s only because it works extremely well. It is extremely easy to hide your acts if you’re surrounded by tall trees and thick bushes. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.


In a Car


Technically, you are outdoors, but a tinted car should provide you with enough cover to actually have some privacy. But if you’re doing it in a parking lot or somewhere public, then that should be good enough, especially if you’re still too nervous to try somewhere else. All in all, it is an excellent idea for starters. If you want, the next time you try, do it just outside the car or with the doors open.At least, you wouldn’t be bored out of your mind anymore whenever you’re stuck in a traffic jam.


In a Terrace/Balcony


Doing it in a balcony or terrace can be challenging (and exciting)if you do it in broad day light or in front of a busy street. First of all, everyone will probably know exactly what you’re up to the moment they saw you. On the plus side, they’re probably too far away to be sure. Additionally, a balcony or terrace is an excellent area to place your sex chair. Just think about doing it in the most comfortable positions while under the stars or in front of a romantic view.


In a Utility Closet


Utility closets are often conveniently-placed, private, and actually safe for outdoor sex. You can easily ‘scout’ the area for anyone likely to enter the closet soon, but that would be unlikely. The only real concern you’ll have is the cleanliness inside the closet. At least, this should do for a quickie.


In a Fitting Room


Doing it in a fitting room is quite tricky. First of all, you can never tell when someone else might need the fitting room. Even if they don’t actually enter, it’s quite difficult to keep the noise down (unless if the store is playing music). For more chances of success, go for a store that isn’t too crowded yet. It also always helps to be friendly to the clerk—there’s a chance that he or she has done it, too.


In a Public Park


If you’re comfortable with doing it in the woods, then maybe you should try stepping out from the cover of trees and out into more open areas. Of course, you shouldn’t completely expose your activities (that would be illegal). Use simple cover such as behind a statue or in a gazebo. On the plus side, you should be able to spot someone approaching from afar. This is why you need something for ‘quick cover’, like a blanket.

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