How Important is Airflow When Vaping?

How Important is Airflow When Vaping?

One of the amazing factors of vaping is that you can personalize the experience. This experience is quite different from smoking because cigarettes have an airflow that is limited. Your experience cannot be altered in any way when smoking a standard cigarette. However, when it comes to using e-cigs the opposite is true. Hence, the ability to tweak various setups to your preference is one of the greatest selling points of vaping.

The ability to determine your airflow allows the user to enjoy the flavor and cloud chasing benefits of setting up an e-cig. In this post, we will take a quick look at how important air flow is to the user when vaping.

In previous years, when the whole idea of vaping was coming into being, people could only have a single type of vaping experience. This is because the standard vaping devices back then were not flexible enough to allow users tailor their vaping experience. In fact, if you back track a few years you will discover that the customization of vaping experiences was minimal because of the vaping devices available then.

However, we have all witnessed an evolution in the vaping industry. We have seen these old devices go extinct and the emergence of newer ones. Additional efforts are now being invested into the manufacturing of vaping products. This implies that the vaping devices available today allow almost unlimited customization of people’s vaping experiences. This implies that it is possible to always have a unique vaping experience.

While it is true that we place a lot of emphasis on vaping devices, it is impossible to have a unique vaping experience without airflow. Each vaping device has a maximum air holding capacity. The air that your vaping device can hold will determine the size and temperature of cloud that is released in each puff.

One of the things that can significantly influence your experience when vaping is the volume of airflow you choose. The level of the airflow permits you to personalize the movement of air to your mouth from the coil. A majority of vaping devices have a ring built in them that permits the user to manually control the amount of airflow he wants. This means that the user can easily choose between a low or high airflow by simply adjusting the ring.

A vaping device is only as cool as the volume of airflow experience it gives. A high airflow gives you a more serene and slicker cloud but with a reduction in the intensity of the flavor. This is possible because the juice on the coil of your vaping device immediately vaporizes as soon as your device is fired.  The cloud’s temperature is then cooled down before you inhale it by the vents that allow air to make contact with the cloud. Click here for vaping devices with cheap e-juice.

You may lose a little punch in the flavors; however, one thing that will definitely leave you satisfied is cool clouds you get from a high airflow. So, a huge part of the flavors remains on the coil to allow the vapor to come out in style. Hence, it is true that the amount of juice emitted from your vaping device can be reduced when you increase its airflow. However, you really do not lose the juice completely as it still remains on your device’s coil. This means you can always go back to the juice when you want to.

So, the general principle is that more airflow brings less juice and more juice means less airflow. How cool is it to have the ability to control your vaping experience? The vapor released by your device is often warmer whenever your coil has less contact with the air. However, the flow of the vapor is quicker. This allows you to feel the experience that the flavors on your coil offer. The complete vapor’s flavor is affected by the effect that the speed of the airflow speed has on the cooling effect of the device.

Vaping Styles

Airflow affects vaping styles differently. These are the two vaping styles that exist:

  • Directly to the Lung (DTL) Vaping: The name of this vaping style is quiet self-interpreting. In this vaping style, users draw the vapor straight into their lungs without any form of filter.
  • From the Mouth to the Lung Vaping: This is a bit different from the first vaping style. In this style the mouth filters the vapor before it is then absorbed into the lung of the user.

Testing Airflow Levels

Airflow levels affect your vaping experiences differently depending on the vaping style you decide to go for. Hence, it is imperative that a vaper understands the concept of airflow levels. This will help him decide his preferred experience.

  • If you prefer the DTL vaping style, your focus is should not be  on the hardware but instead on the production of airflow. This implies that there is a need to tweak the airflow of your vaping device to get a better production of vapor. This often results to a fuller or thicker cloud production. However, it is important to keep in mind that you will lose vaping taste when you increase the level of your airflow.
  • For those who prefer the MTL vaping style, the emphasis is not so much in the production of airflow but on the vape juice’s taste. This means that you have to limit the production of airflow considerably to taste the vape juice. This is logical considering that the cloud will go through the mouth first before it gets to the lungs.

You can keep tweaking the level of airflow in your device until you get the vaping experience you crave for.

 In conclusion, you will have more vapor, less flavor and a less harsh hit on your throat every time you increase the airflow on your vaping device. Hence, the experience that you get is completely up to you. If you want more flavor and less vapor, simply reduce the airflow on your device. However, if you want more vapor and less flavor on your device, all you need to do is in increase the airflow.

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