Tired Of Stubborn Belly Fat? Know Why


Having a flat stomach is far more important than just for the sake of vanity, as excessive abdominal fat is a precursor to various chronic disorders. Visceral fat, which is the kind of fat that causes the stomach to bulge out surrounds the organs and could lead to cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, some forms of malignant tumours, and insulin resistance. If you have tried all forms of exercises and diets to cut down your belly , you might want to look into other factors such as hormonal imbalances, age and other genetic reasons that may be the cause of stubborn belly fat.

Have you been following strict diet plans and exercised regularly, but still have not been able to lose that belly bulge? Stubborn belly fat is hard to work off, so diet and exercising might not be enough. Research has shown this problem is due not only to the Visceral fat that lies deeper inside the abdomen surrounding your abdominal organs, but also due to waste trapped inside your intestines.

This is where Acai Berry does wonders. Unlike Atkins, South Beach and other popular diets, the Acai Berry does not involve complicated meal plans and contains antioxidants and Fibers which can cleanse your colon from toxic sludge that have accumulated over time. Acai is also a natural energy booster and appetite suppressant so it will help lose weight on the inside and out.

The Acai Berry diet has grown extremely popular, mainly due to the exposure from the Oprah Winfrey show and Rachael Ray on the Food Network. A lot of hype surrounds this berry, everything from improving eyesight and enhancing sex to curing or suppressing common diseases such as diabetes and cancer. None of these claims have yet been medically proven, but one thing is for sure: Acai Berries are very healthy, and if used right can help you live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

That little black dress that you used to wear when you were “thin” no longer fits you now because you’re overburdened with responsibilities, making it difficult for you to focus on yourself. I’ve been there and I know what it feels like to suck in your guts to a point of explosion just to zip that favourite jeans! Being a stay-at-home mother, I felt my options were limited when it came to fitness. I couldn’t dare to show my bulgy self in gyms and other fitness classes because I was too afraid of the reaction – you know, like a pod among peas!

I began losing interest in everything because as soon as I wear anything special, I turn to look at myself in the mirror and there it was….watching me back. The only thing I wished then was, “Can I just magically make it disappear, just for tonight?” but I’m no Cinderella and this isn’t a fairy tale, so after wishing for the impossible, I’d head out to the front porch to drink a cup of coffee – just a way to get my mind of it. I’d see many women on the road, jogging, walking, talking, showing off…heck even yoga’ing! That’s when it hit me. The change of a lifetime will only begin…after I finish my tasty coffee! Hey, I’m a woman and I need some coffee!

What is Acai Berry:-

The Acai Berry is about the size of a large grape, dark purple in color, and only grows in the amazon rainforests where great abundance of rainfall and sunshine has helped this little fruit grow so extremely potent. The berry is packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Omega 3 & 6, twice the antioxidants of blueberries and 30 times more Anthocyanins found in red wine (known to be the reason for the “French Paradox”). The berry has been consumed for over 300 years in Brazil and juice made from it is used by its sports elite as a natural performance drink!

How Acai Helped Me Lose Weight:-

As a mother of two I had been losing weight and gaining it back on with popular diets. I finally came across a promotion for a free sample of Acai which also included a Colon Cleansing product, these are often paired as a method for fast weight loss, and turned out to be very successful for me – I lost 15 lbs. in just two weeks! My significant weight loss was mainly due to the fact that it was my first time cleansing so the sludge inside me got washed out.

A Colon Cleanse is only recommended 1-2 times/year, but Acai Berry can be part of your normal diet to keep your inside clean. My favorite is to make an Acai Smoothie in the morning and one in the afternoon. I’m no longer sluggish in the morning and I get soo much more work done while still having energy left to exercise! And Its not a jittery caffeine high, more like being naturally alert and nutritionally satisfied, it even improves my sleep!

Acai Berry changed my life for the better, and at a very important part of it as my metabolism decreases, I am now slimmer, healthier, and I feel 20 like years younger!

The Longer the Belt the Shorter the Life

We all know that the more you eat, the bigger you get, and the bigger you get the weirder you feel about yourself. I knew I wasn’t alone, but I desperately needed to get the flabs off. At a recent health fair, I saw and heard this really fit woman explaining the dangers of extra flab. My heart wanted to hear it, but my brain, which was guilty, began jumping around. It happens, and it’s not just a coincidence. When you know you’re wrong about something, you just want to get away from it as far as possible so you don’t feel guiltier than you already are! So I stood there listening and I realized that the longer the belt, the shorter the life.

The flabs that we’ve got are called visceral fat; they produce more stress hormones in our bodies that in turn affect our insulin levels. The worst part is that not only would we be overweight, we would also be looking at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. No way did I want to die with heart diseases and being a coffee addict, I had to do something about my weight so I don’t have to say bye-bye to my coffee rounds. Now I’m an impatient one…I like my details like I like my man – straight and to the point! So I made my way in and asked the lady, “I’ve been trying for months, this flab is stubborn. It just won’t go away. What do you have to say about this? Can I get it off?

Never Stop Moving

Wait, what? Yes, that’s what she said – never stop moving! So these days I’m grooving to music while I do my chores and I find it fun actually! I’ve been doing it for a few months now and I can definitely see the difference. The back-pain is gone, my migraines have reduced and I feel more flexible. You can pick any kind of music you like and just groove with it while you cook, wash, or dust!

Eat Proteins like a Boss

Proteins are necessary, especially if you want to lose weight. So these days my menu has more protein than that of a restaurant! And guess what, we know how we cook, so I add very less oil to whatever I cook to speed up the fat loss process.

Say No to Saturated and Yes to Polyunsaturated Stuff

Well this is a surprise! For as long as I remember, my pesky neighbour told me not to eat nuts, seeds and fish because they’ll make me gain more weight. The lady in the health fair told me exactly the opposite. So here’s the deal, a handful of nuts or seeds are healthy and will make your fats go away.

A Dose of Vinegar

Now here’s the deal. Add 15 – 30 ml of vinegar to a litre of water and drink it the whole day. Remember to brush your teeth or gargle soon after because vinegar can weaken the teeth. Studies have shown that those who drink vinegar induced water lose stubborn belly fat. I tried and it worked!

Yoga, Aerobics, Broga Exercise

Don’t do all this together! Choose something you’re comfortable with and do it regularly for at least 60 minutes. Walking also helps, so brisk walk every day for 30 minutes in addition to any form of exercise you’re most comfortable with. I do the yoga and I walk daily, results?

Sleep for Weight Loss Even on Weekends

Ah, this is my favourite part! You’ve got to sleep at least 8 hours a day to decrease the production of excess insulin. Studies have revealed that those who sleep for 5 hours or less every night will have flabs. So what’s the plan?

Here is some insight on why stubborn abdominal fat continues to persist.

Age matters:-

With age, the body starts to lose or gain weight depending upon various factors within and outside the body. For one, both genders experience a declining metabolic rate with the progress of age. In addition, menopause is one factor that women have to take into account. Most women who gain weight after menopause usually do so around the abdomen. During menopause, the production of specific hormones such as progesterone and oestrogen start to become slower. This causes a shift in the hormonal balance which makes it difficult to lose weight around the abdomen.

Wrong workouts:-

You might be going in for a daily run or participating in a spin class without fail every day, but the fact is that cardio exercises alone do not help in reducing fat around the abdomen. It is vital to blend a combination of cardiovascular training with weight training in order to increase muscle mass that in turn can cause fat to burn. Health experts recommend a moderate intensity exercise of approximately 250 minutes every week or indulge in high intensity exercise of 125 minutes.

Blame processed foods:-

Food products made from bleached and refined white flour such as white bread, crisps, and crackers in addition to aerated and caffeinated sweetened drinks increase the inflammation within the body. According to food experts in the Mayo Clinic, inflammation and belly fat go hand in hand and hence eating an excess of processed foods will only hamper one’s ability to reduce stomach fat. In order to prevent excess belly fat, it is important to incorporate natural foods such as whole green produce, whole grains, fruits and vegetables that are abundant in antioxidants which can help in fighting inflammation.

Push your workout even further:-

You will need to ramp up your exercise schedule if it is not challenging enough to banish stubborn abdominal fat. According to research published in Medicine And Science In Sports And Exercise, it was reported that participants who accomplished a high intensity exercise regimen lost more fat around their stomach than those who continued to perform low intensity exercises.

In fact, it was seen that low intensity exercise did not contribute to any form of significant changes in the body. The reason why exercise needs to be at its full intensity is because the objective of the exercise is to burn additional calories, which is what high intensity exercise does. A high intensity exercise means to go all out for as long as one can. If the thought of doing so sounds intimidating, you might want to think of it in a more positive manner: you will burn faster calories in a short time as possible.

Stress, anxiety and strains:-

You might be constantly stressed over so many factors that take place in your daily life such as paying the bills, meeting deadlines, dealing with kids etc. Having daily stress makes it even more difficult to drop unwanted weight, especially from the abdomen.

Stress causes most people to reach out for high calorie and high-fat food products whenever they are stressed and additionally stress hormones known as cortisol causes fat to increase while enlarging fat cells. It has been seen that greater levels of cortisol in the body are closely connected with excessive visceral fat.

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