Use the 5-HTP Supplement for Fat Loss and To Reduce the Stress


While it gets more fame as a mood booster, 5-HTP can also enhance your weight-loss efforts. If dietary adherence is a struggle, read this!

You may have heard of serotonin as a hormone your body produces that helps produce feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and normal sleep patterns. But it’s less well-known that serotonin can play a large role in your appetite and food cravings.

Age, increased levels of stress due to a hectic lifestyle, and bad eating habits can all compromise your levels of serotonin, resulting in depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even weight gain. This often leads to the viscous cycle of “I eat because I’m stressed, and I’m stressed because I’m gaining weight.” While cleaning up your diet may help offset some of this, increasing your body’s serotonin levels purely through food is unlikely to happen since it’s not found in large quantities in most diets. This is where 5-HTP can help.

5-htp, or 5-hydroxytryptophan, is a naturally occurring substance that comes from the seed pods of griffonia simplicifolia. In humans, 5-htp converts directly into serotonin in the brain and has been shown to help with mood, anxiety, and weight loss.

5-HTP, or 5-hydroxytryptophan, is a naturally occurring substance that comes from the seed pods of Griffonia simplicifolia. In humans, 5-HTP converts directly into serotonin in the brain and has been shown to help with mood, anxiety, and weight loss. Compared to tryptophan, a commonly used supplement to boost serotonin levels, 5-HTP has an increased absorption rate and can cross the blood-brain barrier with great ease.[1]

This supplement comes with a caveat: If you’re taking an antidepressant, using 5-HTP at the same time is not a good idea, so talk to your doctor before proceeding. But if you’re someone looking to stick to a dietary plan—particularly a low-carb one—this supplement could help.

More Than A Mood Booster

While the benefits of 5-HTP on mood have been well-documented, most people are unaware of the role 5-HTP has on appetite regulation and weight loss.

One landmark study out of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition had 20 obese participants supplement with 900 milligrams of 5-HTP or a placebo daily for 12 weeks.2 For the first six weeks, no dietary guidelines were given, but the subjects kept records of what they ate. During the second half, participants were asked to reduce their calorie intake to just 1200 a day—a level typical of what we could consider “extreme” dieting.

During the first weeks, participants taking 5-HTP voluntarily reduced their calorie intake by a whopping average of 1,347 calories (from 3,233 calories to 1,886). Those given the placebo observed no change in food intake. When asked—but not required—to drop calories during weeks 7-12, the 5-HTP group was able to drop down to 1,276 calories—a further decrease of 610 calories—despite the already large drop seen in the first six weeks. The drop in calories led to a significant decrease in body weight only observed in the 5-HTP group.

Another interesting finding of this study was that the group supplementing with 5-HTP significantly reduced their carbohydrate intake—from around 350 grams per day to 160 grams per day—and reported higher levels of satiety (or fullness) at the lower level. These findings suggest 5-HTP may be a useful dieting supplement for those going on a low-carb diet, due to 5-HTP’s ability to mimic the well-known effects carbohydrates have on raising serotonin levels in the brain.

A more recent study from 2012 found that when overweight subjects were administered 5-HTP for four weeks, they observed significant decreases in BMI, skinfold thickness, and circumferences.[3] Additionally, the subjects’ feelings of satiety increased, even though they were put on a reduced-calorie diet.

There’s a saying that the best diet is the one you’re able to follow consistently. From this perspective, 5-HTP shows the most benefit as an adherence booster. It can help you stick with your nutritional plan, giving you one more tool to help build long-term weight-loss success.

Supplement For Weight Loss

Dosing recommendations for 5-HTP run the gamut online. In fat-loss studies, 300 milligrams taken three times a day with meals has been shown to be effective, but a more typical approach is 300-500 milligrams per day total, often split between 2-3 doses.

5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) amino acid generated from the amino acid, tryptophan, this is crucial one and it obtains in the food where tryptophan is directly converted into body with some chemical and it’s known as serotonin, this is a neurotransmitter and so it relays all the signals in the brain. The dietary supplement of 5-HTP supports to raise the quantity of serotonin by giving the extra physique this mainly used to convert serotonin. Moreover serotonin assists and regulates the mood as well as peoples’ behavior where the features of HTP are constructive impact on the discomfort sensation, appetite, anxiety, sleep and mood. Normally 5-HTP is seen in the foods due to that if people consume the food along with tryptophan then HTP will enhance the levels to obtain the transform. So this supplement properly boosts the complete levels. However, it allows creating the more serotonin. 5HTP is one of the active amino acid in physique so it gives excellent effects on improving body weight and fat reduction. This is pure supplement and so it avoids the additives and filters. The HTP developed the high evidence this will improve in the anxiety, serotonin lessens, addictions, insomnia, panic attacks as well as headaches. The 5-HTP supplement is made mainly to help the women and men in the body in order to fight against the overweight. If you take the 1 capsule of 5 HTP pills then it produces the required serotonin in order to control the hunger needs because it act like the hunger suppressor. The 5-HTP side effects can easily prevent or eliminated just by increasing all the increments as slowly also by not using any of the contraindicated drugs.

Benefits Of Taking The Supplement 5HTP:

The HTP is extremely used for the reducing the weight and the assessment are determined that the supplement will reduce the calories quantity by taking the proper dose. Now most of the people need of the 5-HTP to reduce weight without any efforts. So the participants looking for the supplement this is the main reason why the HTP supplements are used by many users. Well, this will control the appetite due to that person felt complete even they don’t eat the enough food. The 5-HTP reviews are explained in the online site this showed the overview of supplement and it covers the dose level, methods to take pills and latest studies of the pills. With typical 5-HTP weight reduction supplement people can take the final result. The supplement will change the lifestyles and dietary as a result this will reduce the levels in the brain and also it leads to the weight get and anxiety. As 5-HTP is powerful and so it improves the mood as well as minimizing anxiousness. This supplement is there to develop the brain serotonin where it lets most of the women and men regain the lifestyle by get back on the weight as people wish for. Always notice down the reviews before using 5-HTP.

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