Why Erectile Dysfunction Emerges?


Erectile Dysfunction Emerges

To understand why the erectile dysfunction occurs, it is useful to know how an erection arises. When a man is sexually excited, his brain sends signals to nerve endings in the tissues of the penis. This causes dilation of blood vessels in the penis and increases blood flow to it, which, in turn, leads to an erection. At the same time, those vessels, through which usually occurs outflow of blood from the penis, are dwindling. This combination of increased blood flow to the penis and reducing it outflow, which leads to a full erection. After the sexual act occur the outflow of blood from the penis, and he returns to the relaxed state.

A new study reveals telling details about the complex process of maintaining sustaining erections, one that may help scientists develop more effective drugs to treat erectile dysfunction.

Erections are caused by the release of nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter that’s produced in the nerve tissue, which helps the muscles to relax and allows blood to flow to the penis. But the new paper, published in the journal Proceedings, highlights what occurs after the initial erection. Known as phosphorylation, this biochemical process turns off and on the production of nitric oxide “in a sustained way,” says Dr. Arthur Burnett, senior author of the study and a professor of urology at Johns Hopkins University.

“We now have an all together better understanding of this mechanism,” says Dr. Burnett. “We can now exploit that with possibly new therapies that will target that mechanism.”Dr. Burnett and his team used tiny electrodes to stimulate the mice. “The basic biology of erections at the rodent level is the same as in humans,” he explains.

There are some 30 million men suffering from erectile dysfunction, and several causes have been identified that include poor blood flow, heart disease, and/or obesity. Erectile dysfunction is also a side effect of many common medications, including antidepressants, diuretics, and beta-blockers. Treatment for erectile dysfunction is primarily the prescription drugs Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. However, this class of drugs has been know to cause serious side effect, such as headache, dizziness, mood changes, heart problems, neuropathy, and even seizures.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and heart disease have been closely associated with each other in recent years. As science has developed leaps and bounds, numerous studies over the years have provided evidence to show that many men who have difficulty achieving and sustaining an erection, will show early signs of atherosclerosis; a hardening of the arteries. Links have also been established between heart disease and the severe gum disease known as ‘periodontitis’.

This is a condition whereby inflammation and infection occurs within tissue supporting your teeth and is the result of gingivitis being left untreated. It is a very serious condition sometimes resulting in tooth loss, and infection of gums and the jaw bones. Periodontitis is the main culprit for adult tooth loss and it is estimated annually in the United Kingdom that there are six cases of severe periodontitis for every 100,000 people. If left untreated, it may increase the risk of serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke.

However, an intriguing study of patients in Turkey published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, suggests that men with ED are three times more likely to have gum disease than men who do not suffer from impotence. The Turkish researchers examined 80 male patients with ED and 82 male patients without it. Non-smokers were specifically chosen for the study as smoking is known to be a massive cause for both ED and gum disease. In addition, all patients involved were aged between 30 and 40 years of age to dismiss the prospect of age as being risk factor.

Before determining any results from their study, scientists took into account things such as education status, household income and body mass index (BMI), with both groups being similar in these regards. After all these important points were taken into account, the link between ED and bad oral hygiene still stood up.

In total, 52% of men suffering with ED also had inflamed gums, whilst 23% of men in the control group had periodontal disease. Therefore, it was estimated that men shown to have severe periodontal disease were actually 3.29 times more likely to suffer from ED their counterparts with healthier gums. The men’s sexual performance was assessed using the International Index of Erectile Function, whilst the plaque index and tests on the gums were used to check patient’s oral health.

The lead author for the study, Doctor Faith Oguz, of Inonu University in Turkey, said: “Erectile dysfunction is a major public health problem that affects the quality of life of some 150 million men, and their partners, worldwide. Physical factors cause nearly two-thirds of cases, mainly because of problems with the blood vessels, with psychological issues like emotional stress and depression accounting for the remainder. Chronic periodontitis is a group of infectious diseases caused predominantly by bacteria that most commonly occur with inflammation of the gums. Many studies have reported that chronic periodontitis may induce vascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, which have been linked with erection problems.”

The Turkish study only looked at men aged between 30 and 40 years old however. ED can affect men of all ages and it is estimated that a staggering two thirds of men over the age of 70 have quite severe symptoms.

The causes of male impotence is a subject that Medical Specialists Pharmacy has previously discussed in great detail and following requests from our patients, we ran a side-by-side comparison of each of the treatments available for men. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are available today at Medical Specialists, at low prices. All are obtainable with or without a prescription. If you do not have a prescription, you can undergo a private and confidential online consultation with one of our Doctors and if suitable, they will write you a prescription. This is passed to our in-house Pharmacists, and dispensed and dispatched to you at your home, your place of work, or where ever you choose, discreetly within 24 hours.

A recent study conducted by Alpha One Andrology Group on 2500 patients says sexual impotence among men and women has emerged as major cause of marriage divorce. Around 20-30% marriages in India are breaking due to lack of satisfaction in sexual life. As per study analysis in male population physical health majorly found responsible for erectile dysfunction while in women their mental health most affect their sexual activity.

Maintaining a healthy marriage requires time, effort and compromise from both spouses. When one or both spouses find a marriage to be unsatisfactory, it is likely because of problems that arise due to issues with communication, expectations or sexual dissatisfaction.

Sexual impotence is a condition most poorly understood and mismanaged of all medical disorders results in marriage breakup as per study of Alpha One Andrology Group. Sexual impotence is a common problem. It was found in study that average married couple have sex 58 times per year, or slightly more than once a week. If the number lacks, it means there is any problem with partner.

Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile Dysfunction or Sexual Impotence afflicts as much as 15 percent of the male population and 20% of female. Above the age of 40, nearly 52 % of men are affected. The finding of Alpha One Andrology Group study says that Erectile Dysfunction affects 50 % of men over the age of 40 and 10 % of men below 40.

Dr. Anup Dhir, Andrologist, Director, Alpha One Androlgy Group, Diabetes is the leading and Hypertension is the second leading cause of Sexual Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction in men. It was found in study that 48% of suffering patients above the age of 40 were diabetics. About 45% of men with hypertension have severe erectile dysfunction. Men who have diabetes are found to develop erectile dysfunction nearly 10 to 15 years earlier than men who do not suffer from the disease.

Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is a common problem among men which presents with consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Impotence can vary. It can involve a total inability to achieve an erection or ejaculation, an inconsistent ability to do so, or a tendency to sustain only very brief erections, adds Dr. Anup Dhir.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women

There are comparatively large numbers of instances where marriages break up due to sexual dysfunction in women. Women cannot have fulfilling enjoyable sex due to psychosocial or organic causes. Conditions like anxiety or depression make it very difficult for woman to be interested in sex. Sometime lack of good trustful relationship between partners and Social Circumstances affect their capacity to enjoy sex.

A large number of women have problems with sex at some point in their relationship. This can be transient, lasting a few days or can become more long standing, depending on the cause. If you are having such difficulties, you should see your andrologist at the earliest so that the problem does not start affecting the relationships..

Dr. Anup Dhir, Andrologist, Alpha Andrology , “Sexual Dysfunction in women happens due to physical health. She may be in pain, tired or just does not feel up to it. Mental health conditions like anxiety or depression also make it very difficult for woman to be interested in sex. Medications she may be taking for her health problem may also affect her libido.


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