6 Reasons Why Manuka Honey Is Good for You

6 Reasons Why Manuka Honey Is Good for You

Author : Ellen Hollington

A recent article reports that the Manuka honey industry is currently valued at 314.8 million USD. Do you want to know why more people are consuming this special honey? This remarkable bee product has been used for its health benefits for many centuries.

Compared to regular honey, Manuka honey stands out because of its antibacterial properties. Based on a study by the Honey Research Unit, when hydrogen peroxide was removed from different kinds of honey, only manuka honey retained its ability to destroy bacteria. The secret is an ingredient called methylglyoxal, which can only be found in this special kind of honey.

To Heal Your Wounds

Medical research has proven that Manuka honey is effective in treating wounds because of its antibacterial qualities. Plus, it promotes the rebuilding of tissues and desensitises pain from burns. It appears that its ability to produce an acidic environment is another reason why healing is faster.

For patients with diabetic ulcers and post-surgery wounds, Manuka honey hastens recovery time and reduces the pain and stiffness of scarring. Moreover, infection is minimised because of the honey’s resistance against MRSA, a bacterial strain resistant to most antibiotics.

Therefore, keep a jar on hand in case of emergencies. Apply directly to wounds and burns to fight infection and start the healing process.

To Protect You from Gum Diseases

Manuka honey resists the growth of oral bacteria, especially the strains that cause plaque and inflamed gums. A survey shows that participants who chewed on Manuka honey had less plaque and bleeding gums versus those who used sugar-free gums.

Good news – if you have a sweet tooth, choose Manuka honey over refined sugar for your drinks and baked products.

To Ease Your Sore Throat

It is true – at the first sign of sore throat, take a hot drink with honey, lemon and ginger. Although regular honey will also soothe your throat, Manuka honey has the additional advantage of fighting inflammation and killing the bacteria that cause pain.

Research proves that streptococcus mutans, the bacteria causing sore throat, are significantly reduced whenever this special honey is taken.

To Fight Abdominal Problems

Statistics show that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects one in five Australians. Manuka honey helps by giving relief from symptoms like diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and bowel inflammation.

This special honey has antibacterial properties to kill strains of clostridium difficile, which typically causes diarrhoea. If you prefer natural medicine, take Manuka honey regularly to protect your digestive system from harmful bacteria.

To Protect You from Respiratory Infections

Around 1 in 25 Australians are genetic carriers of cystic fibrosis, an inherited disorder without a cure. Patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) are vulnerable to upper respiratory tract infections caused by bacteria.

Manuka honey is effective in stopping the growth of these harmful bacteria. Combined with a dose of antibiotics, Manuka honey helps CF patients breathe more easily.

To Solve Common Skin Problems

People have discovered that a facial mask containing Manuka honey helps reduce the redness and irritation caused by acne.

Eczema, a skin condition that afflicts around 15 per cent of Australians, is treated with a mixture of Manuka honey, olive oil, and another bee product called beeswax.

With these six amazing health benefits, you should keep a ready supply of Manuka honey at home.

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