How Do the Lens Colour in Safety Sunglasses Protect the Eyes?

Author : Ellen Hollington

Sunglass lenses come in different colours. Most people chose a specific lens colour to match their outfit. However, the colours of these lenses don’t exist to make a fashion statement.

The lens’ colours, especially for safety sunglasses, protect the eyes in different ways. Some lens tint colours can improve the colours you see. Other tint colours help reduce glare, distort colour, block too much light, and even enhance your vision’s sharpness. With that in mind, not all coloured lenses are perfect for all situations.

Overall, each lens colour has specific benefits. Using the proper lens tint can drastically improve your depth perception and lessen eye fatigue without affecting your eyesight.
The colour of your sunglasses should match your daily activities. Each colour suits specific settings and events, improving your vision.


Neutral colour lessens the glare, particularly when on the water. This makes it perfect for fishing, and the best colour to block bright light. Sunglasses with grey lenses work perfectly on both sunny and cloudy days and offer anti-fatigue benefits.


This lens colour can filter out blue light. It also reduces glare and eye strain caused by too much sunlight. The green tint colour is a perfect choice if you are going to play golf or tennis.

Red and rose

Red and rose sunglasses eliminate blue light, improving your driving visibility while it lessens eye strain. Additionally, these colours can enhance detail and increase the field’s depth, making them the best choice for sports activities like skiing.

Purple and blue

Purple and blue lens tints offer enhanced colour recognition. These colours also let you see contours on objects clearly while protecting reflective surfaces like snow. Blue lens sunglasses are perfect in misty and foggy weather. Moreover, it suits almost any skin tone.

Gold, yellow, and orange

Lenses with light colours like gold, yellow, and orange are good in low- to moderate-level light conditions. They offer good depth perception and work fine for both indoor or outdoor sports. These colours also enhance the object’s visibility and make the surroundings look brighter while blocking the blue light. However, gold, yellow, and orange sunglasses may distort colour.

Brown and amber

Brown- and amber-tinted lenses can reduce glare and make cloudy days a little brighter. These sunglasses have red hues, blocking out the blue light while improving the depth perception. It can help you see small objects from a distance, making it the best choice for sports like baseball or golf. Amber-coloured lenses can also comfort the eye in sunny conditions and increase the contrast against blue skies and green landscapes.

Before buying safety sunglasses with tinted lenses, you have to assess the best colour that will suit your daily activities. Some sunglasses frames have interchangeable lenses, allowing you to customise the colours of your eyewear for various purposes.

Remember that wearing eyewear should protect your eyes and not to match your outfit. Additionally, it would be best if you chose a pair of sunglasses with UV protection coating and whatever lens colour you prefer. Keep in mind that UV protection matters more than the colour of your safety sunglasses’ lens. Furthermore, your sunglasses must also be capable of protecting your eyes from an incoming impact.
These quick sunglasses lens colour guidelines should help you choose the best sunglasses that will suit your lifestyle.

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