Early signs and symptoms of breast cancer

Early signs and symptoms of breast cancer

A breast tumor is often linked with having breast lumps, but the symptoms may vary based on the cancer type. Not every patient suffering from this medical condition will have lumps in the chest.

Though breast lump is the most common sign, it can be located anywhere in the patient’s chest and even under the armpit.

Apart from this, nipple bleeding or discharge and pain in the breasts can be symptoms of this type of cancer. People have also noticed redness or swelling in the breast area. Experiencing a few of these symptoms doesn’t imply that you have breast cancer.

There are several factors to consider as well. Finding cancer in the early stages helps people treat the medical condition quickly. It is better to have a word with your doctor if you are concerned about any new changes in your breasts.

Your doctor will evaluate the signs to determine whether you need a further check-up or not.

 Early signs and symptoms you need to be aware of

People won’t identify tumors, but mammograms help doctors to detect lumps. In the early stages, it is hard to notice the tumor with the naked eye, and that’s why doctors consider mammograms for precise evaluation.

Mammograms are the ideal choice as they can detect tumors in the breast even before the symptoms show up, and the cancer is easily treatable in the early stages.

The size of the tumor varies from around 1 mm to 50 mm. Mammograms are suitable for checking breasts and identifying cancer in the early stages.

However, mammograms cannot find every type of cancer, and paying attention to the breast changes and signs will only help. Breast tumor symptoms vary from one person to another and check out some of the early symptoms you should pay attention to.

There might be a problem if you notice any visible differences in one or both breasts. Skin changes like swelling or redness might be the symptoms of cancer.

Changes in breast shape or size and the appearance of nipples are also early signs of cancer. Nipple discharge, pain in any part of the breast, and lumps inside the breast are the common symptoms.

 Breast lumps are not cancerous

People who have breast lumps or swelling don’t have cancer as there are non-cancerous breast diseases as well. The common causes of breast lumps are breast infection, fibrocystic breast disease, fat necrosis, and fibroadenoma.

Similarly, breast pain which is often considered cancerous can be caused by birth control pills, fertility treatments, breast cysts, large breasts, and hormone fluctuations.

 Breast cancer diagnosis

The treatments are different, and doctors will evaluate the medical conditions before providing the proper treatment. Doctors may perform a lumpectomy to eradicate the tumor without causing any problems to the chest.

Mastectomy eliminates the breast tissues, including cancer and connecting tissue. Chemotherapy is the outstanding choice for cancer treatment which involves the usage of anticancer drugs, and these influence the cell’s ability to reproduce.

Early detection and treatment are the two critical factors to treat any type of cancer. Breast tumors are common in women, and it is better to consult a doctor for any concerns. Knowing about the risk factors and warning signs can help you stay away from the problems.

 Final thoughts

Talk with your doctor for screening if you notice any early symptoms. It is better to fix an appointment and get precise information about the signs rather than worrying about it. If you find a lump in the breast or experience pain, see your doctors immediately.


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