Weight-Free Exercises For arm Muscle Toning

Weight-Free Exercises For arm Muscle Toning

Upper-body workouts usually involve equipment such as dumbbells. Your body weight is itself no less than an equipment, you can utilize it for loading your arm muscles. Toing your arm muscle without weight is one solid way for putting muscles to test. However, it’s not easy to work all of your arm muscle without lifting heavy weights. Usually best arm workouts that involve no weight lifting are not restricted to the upper body; they are some variations of planks, or pushups which engage your body core so that way you will be working out your whole body. Following are some of the weightless arm muscle toning workouts that you must check.

1. Plank Tap

  • Start by putting your body in a high plank position with your flat palms, your hands apart at shoulder-width, stacked above wrists directly, having your legs stretched behind you, & your core & glutes engaged.
  • Then tap the right hand of yours to the left shoulder, by engaging your body’s core & glutes by keeping your pelvic still.
  • Repeat the cycle by using your left hand and right shoulder.
  • Keep on, alternating sides.
  • For making it easy, try placing your legs apart a little more.

2. Side Plank

  • Lie at the right side of your body while placing the right hand of yours under your right shoulder. Stretch your legs & stack your left foot at the top of your right foot, & keep on squeezing your abs & glutes in order to lift your hips above the ground. Then stretch the left hand of yours straight in upward direction, facing the ceiling.
  • Hold in this position for some time.


3. Forearm Plank Reach Out

  • Start by putting your body in forearm plank posture, by placing your elbows underneath your shoulders, and your hands facing the ceiling in a way that both of your forearms are parallel to each other, body’s core engaged, leveled hips, & your legs stretched directly behind you.
  • From this posture, stretch right of yours hand forward & tap on the ground at your front. Then form this position, return your right hand to the same position from where you started, & then reach forward with your left hand to tap the floor in front of you.
  • Keep on alternating your sides as you have to focus on making your hips steady while you exercise.
  • If this workout is too challenging to you, try taking your feet apart then your hip- width. Wider your feet are, the easier your movement will be.

4. Push-up

  • Start by being in a high plank position by making your flat, while your hands are placed apart at shoulder width, and your shoulders should be stacked above the wrists, and legs stretched behind you, alongside engaging your core & glutes.
  • Then Bend both of your elbows & lower down your chest to the ground. Drop it to the knees if required.
  • After you have placed yourself in this position start pushing by your hands palms so your arms are straighten.
  • Then keep on repeating this exercise.

5. Downward Dog to Push-Up

  • After putting on your workout top, start this exercise by being in a downward dog like position. In order to place your body in a dog-like position, place your body on an all-fours position by putting your wrists underneath your shoulders & knees beneath your hips. Then engage the core of your body, lift up your knees, & stretch your legs as you begin to drop your head naturally in between both of your biceps. After that bend yourself in an V-shape. Make sure that your arms & back are stretched straight & your hips are poked up towards the ceiling. Also your heels don’t necessarily touch the ground, but you must experience a warm stretch at the bottom side of your both legs.
  • Then by holding your body in the same position, try lifting right of yours & reach back in order to tap the left toe of yours. Also, rotate your torso naturally at same time, so that you will be able to tap easily on your toes. However if you are unable to reach your toes, then consider taping on your shin or knee.
  • Then return back to the dog like downward position & roll forward onto a high plank and do a single push-up from high plank position, and push yourself back up for returning to your initial plank position, pike up your pelvises for returning again to your dog like position.
  • Then lift up the left hand of yours & tap on the right toes. And roll yourself forward in a plank position & do a push-up again.
  • Hold your downward dog position, for toe tap, and make a push-up progression.


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