Why is boxing the toughest sport ?

Why is boxing the toughest sport ?

Naming the most “toughest sport” has always been under debate in the athletic world. History lacks a definitive name for the sport that demands most from its athletes. Anybody who has ever put boxing gloves on their hands for doing class, workout, or for hitting the sandbag can know the difficulty & stamina it requires for boxing. Those standard 3-minute rounds may seem as a short interval, but the longest and toughest moments of an athlete’s life occurred during that time while boxing. Even half a minute can be deceiving.

Boxing is tough

Regardless of the goal, of getting fit or seriousness about getting into boxing, this sport offers something to everyone. Developing skills beyond your capacity level comes with no pressure but a huge challenge if you try to do so.  For many boxing can be more than a sport.t necessarily requires its practitioner to master right stance & punch techniques. It is more like a lifestyle, that comes along with a regular fitness routine, diet plans & competitions which eventually take over your life. Boxing demands your body to utilize its muscles, not just your arms or legs. From trapezius deltoids in your body, boxing utilizes your whole upper body, when you hit the ground.  Your legs carry your body in the ring & helps in escaping your opponent. Quadriceps, hamstrings & glutes work all together to aid you lunge in & out, while adding power in your punches.

Makes You Facing the Fear

Boxing is much more than just learning how to exert a punch with more power than the opponent. Boxing demands you to be aware of every happening thing in the ring. While in the mind it requires you to face your fears and pull the best out of yourself. Boxing is the combat sport that improves your confidence. What’s better than firstly considering yourself physically & mentally inferior to somebody and then defeating them with sheer determination & hard work? Boxing boosts your confidence to uncertain levels. Imagine yourself seizing somebody who is twice your size & strength. A positive and determined thinking makes a fighter great that is what boxing requires you to tell yourself. 

Mastering Skills

Stepping into the ground of boxing can scare a lot of people. Only some of its practitioner’s able to put off before they start. Boxing demands its practitioner to be confident & knowledgeable. Regardless of the fact how much a fighter practices there is still a personal fighting element that’s more like a touch of magic, which often makes a boxer win the competition. A tough and fit boxer, doesn’t mean he necessarily has to be the best athlete in all sports. To achieve that highest athletic status a boxer has to achieve these four main skill sets.

  1. Intellect – Training for boxing is more about brain as body
  2. Perception – ability of analyzing every movement and interpreting it
  3. Motor Skills – how perfectly you can control and coordinate movement
  4. Perceptual skill – How you can adapt & move things around you

According to estimates the average time for mastering these skills is more than 10,000 hours, however it may take much longer than that.Boxers are equipped with versatile & efficient punching techniques. Certainly karate fighters are able to break brick and MMA practitioners exerts punches full of power like boxers but the quality is not the same. A delivers faster and less telegraphic punches when he practices on boxing punch mitts and pads. They are able to strike at so many angles while being in different positions. On the whole, there are so many skills and techniques a boxer develops and learns while training and fighting. Boxers is more like a sport which demands its athletes to fight their own fears more than their opponents, it takes more than just physical training.


Calling a particular sport as the champion of producing toughest athletes can be difficult, this is something on which everyone’s opinion will be debatable. Boxing is a combat sport that is more than brute force; for effectively attacking the opponent in the ground, it is more like a mental training, knowing how your brain works and then altering its process as required.

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