Exercises for strengthening lower back

Exercises for strengthening lower back

Human body functions at its best when all the muscles coordinate for performing a movement. Weakened muscles in the core and pelvis often leads to back pain. Such pain can restrict your daily tasks. Performing lower back strengthening exercises can alleviate and reduce back pain. It also strengthens your core, back, leg, & arm muscles. Doing exercise also increases blood circulation to the lower back, which speeds up the recovery process. But choosing the right exercise matters.  Avoid workouts that put too much stress and strain on the back. Here’s the exercise that you can do for stretching your back.

1)  Bird Dog

This exercise works for strengthening the core musculature & lower back paraspinals. It’s a challenging exercise for developing stability. It also works well for balance.

How You should do:

  • Start by putting your hands & knees in tabletop posture while your wrists are stacked beneath your shoulders & knees stacked below your hips. This should be your initial posture.
  • Then stretch your right arm at front & left leg backward, make sure you maintain a straight back while keeping your pelvis in a line with ground. And then drive your foot behind you towards the wall.
  • Next step is squeezing your abs & returning your arm & leg to the initial position.
  • Keep your body in this movement around 30 seconds. Then repeat the cycle with another set of arm & leg.

2) Tabletop Leg Press

Practitioners name this move as “core connector” as it is an amazing exercise for engaging the core of your body and developing stability and strength.

How You should do:

  • Lie with your face up and legs raised in tabletop posture.
  • Keep contracting your abs for pressing your lower back against ground. Crunch up for a few inches & put your hands at the front.
  • Then the next step is to drive your quads, while making them press away by using your hands. You should make no apparent movement in the body, but experience the battle & intense core tension.
  • Stay in this position for a couple of minutes.

3) Dead Bug

Dead bug workout works on abdominis, abdominis, & hip flexors, while developing strong core contractions, By making them more intense as you stretch away your legs from hands.

How You should do:

  • After putting on your workout tank top, lie your face up while stretching your arms towards the ceiling & bending your legs in tabletop posture for starting this exercise.
  • Then move further by stretching straight your right leg, and putting your left arm over your head.
  • Keep away both a few inches above ground. Ensure squeezing your hips & making engaging your core while your lower back is pressed against the ground.
  • Then put your arm & leg back in position from where you started.
  • Keep on repeating for both sides of your body.

4) Forearm Plank

Forearm plank is an intense core exercise. It’s an arm strengthening exercise. Foreplank requires you to maintain a pelvic tilt while squeezing glutes & thighs and putting your shoulders over elbows.

How You should do:

  • Start by resting your forearms on the ground, by putting your elbows below your shoulders & your hands at front in a way that both of your arms are in parallel positions.
  • Stretch out your legs away from backward, and make your toes rest on the ground. Your body have to be in a straight line form from shoulders to heels
  • Then squeeze your core, glutes, quads, while tucking your hips beneath for keeping your back straight. When you do this exercise ensure that you do not drop off your hips or hike hips up while facing the ceiling. Place your head in a position that your neck neutralizes. And hold your position.


Lower back strengthening workouts is an excellent approach for preventing and reducing back pains. Strengthened and stronger core muscles helps in improving stability, while reducing your chances of getting injured. A little modification in daily activities such as squatting down for picking up things rather than bending prevents back pain or spasms. Start by including these simple, exercises that requires no equipment in your routine for availing long run benefits.

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