Hemp Oil and Wood Finish

Linseed oil never saw it coming. Hemp oil, that is. Indeed, hemp oil is now finding application in wood finishes, providing a beautiful and natural look that some insist is better than other finish choices. Hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds, a cleaned, pressed, extracted and processed oil that can make most any furniture piece look exceptionally wonderful.


Hemp Oil Essentials


Hemp oil is prized as an interior wood finish, thus it is not suitable for the outdoors such as for your deck, wood swing or any other surface. It is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly products you will find when it comes to all things wood finish, a natural oil at that.


You need not worry about harmful chemicals when applying hemp oil as it contains none of the volatile organic compounds or VOCs that have a high vapor pressure. Hemp oil finish is food safe, breathable and biodegradable. There is no need to use a mask when applying this product.


Hemp oil finish users prize it for its protective, water-resistant properties. Wholly penetrable, hemp oil works from the inside out and can be used on bare wood as well as on woods that have already been painted or stained. Certainly, if you are seeking to revive old wood, then look no further explains Tasty Hemp Oil.


Users note that hemp oil finish is particularly well received by old woods, what leaves a darker impression. To confirm whether hemp oil finish is right for you, always test it in a small area. Take note of its look once it dries and compare that with other finishes. Likely, you will be deeply impressed by the results.


Because hemp oil does not include solvents, users should be aware that drying times are longer. In some cases you may have to allow for drying to cover several days, an important consideration when finishing a wood floor. But once the project is done, you will admire its deep, beautiful sheen and without the attendant health side effects. Time isn’t everything when your health is an important consideration.


What to Buy


When shopping for hemp oil finish, it typically is available by the quart or the gallon. You can buy a clear sealer or you can pay a few dollars more to procure an assortment of shades, including hickory, redwood and cedar.


In most cases hemp oil finish can be applied with a simple brush and one coat will usually do it. However, if you are using the finish on an already finished product, then sanding or scrubbing is necessary. Sanding is a requirement if a glossy finish is present as it will otherwise not adhere. In this case do your sanding, clean the surface and wait a day or two before moving forward.


Clean ups are a snap too — everyday household dish detergent can handle the stains. No worries about solvents invading your body through your pores either — you might still wear gloves, but the urgency to do so for health reasons is just not there. That means you can do the work mask free too.


A Cleaner and Safer Finish


Hemp oil finish brings to the market a product that all health-minded consumers should consider. Given that it has none of the toxic fumes or the side effects of solvents, it is the type of finish that will likely catch on. Indeed, for people who insist on maintaining a chemical-free environment, hemp oil ranks up there with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and organic essential oils as a solution to the house cleaning product problem. That’s good news for people who place an emphasis on all things natural and safe.

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