Why Hand Sanitizers Are Essential These Days?

Why Hand Sanitizers Are Essential These Days-healthinfi

Why Hand Sanitizers Are Essential These Days?

At present, the use of Hand sanitizers is widespread because of the pandemic that has continuously affected everyone’s lives. Retail shops have been stocking up antibacterial products together with other personal protective equipment to encourage the public to be cautious. However, it comes to a point when these products run out, and there’s just no other place to get them.

Consequently, the public is hoarding these items because of the fear that they may run out again. Hand sanitizers are the first ones that go away from the shelves because they are convenient and handy. People go out and run errands, and touch things along the way. With sanitizers in the bag, they can quickly pour a pea-size and sanitize their hands. This simple act can already go a long way in preventing the disease from spreading from one person to another. However, using soap is also as good as using the Hand sanitizers.  

Clean hands can strengthen the immunity

Keeping clean hands all the time can safeguard the person from common diseases such as diarrheal and respiratory tract infections. These illnesses have been rampant in children because of failure to sanitize after playing or holding things around them.

In some countries, especially those in developed areas, being conscious of their hygiene, such as maintaining clean hands, will keep them safe from getting viruses. Influenza, rotavirus, and norovirus are typical causes of infections. Healthcare workers strongly advise the public to sanitize their hands whenever they go out because bacterias and viruses are just everywhere. 

Hand sanitizers are portable and effective

Hand sanitizers are excellent products to carry around, especially this time around. However, when places have available soap and water to use, take advantage of them. Restaurants, salons, and offices may have soaps in their toilets for their clients or customers.

Despite the advice of using soap and water, individuals still prefer the most efficient and effective hand sanitizers because of their portability. As much as possible, healthcare workers advise the public to refrain from using communal toilets. The access of a sink, water, and soap in common places may not be that handy anymore. Hence, individuals opt for something handy and practical. 

The correct hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers should have about 60% alcohol or 95% ethanol content to effectively eliminate bacterias, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With so many types in the market, one should be aware of these essential ingredients since it is imperative to use the right sanitizing product during these times.

Some may find benzalkonium chloride in them, which is also helpful but not strong enough like those alcohol-based ones. The coronavirus contains particles that only soap, detergents, and alcohol-based products can effectively destroy them. Hence, always check the contents of the sanitizing products before buying them.

The right amount of product

When using hand sanitizers, ensure to put on enough product; otherwise, it will not serve its purpose of disinfecting the hands. Since washing hands should take not less than 20 seconds, that means the amount of sanitizing products should also take as much as 20 seconds to dry while continuously applying it.

That amount of time for handwashing includes the rinsing part. Thus, never think twice if the product is too much. Keep in mind, this is for protection and make sure to use enough product.

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