Essential Ways To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

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Essential Ways To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men. This problem becomes worse as men age. The causes of erectile dysfunction can vary from being as simple as a side effect of some medicine to very complex ones. Erectile dysfunction can be the result of some vascular disease, neurological disease, diabetes, prostate related treatments and even surgeries. Most men resort to a large number of medicines to treat erectile dysfunction. Though some medicines may work well, others may only aggravate the problem. For most men, it is essential to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction else it leads to several other problems and even depression in the worst case.

While individuals give more importance to their physical and psychological health, they tend to overlook their sexual well-being, which also plays a crucial role in a person’s life. A sexual health problem such as erectile dysfunction is considered to be an early sign of a chronic health disease. It affects and disturbs you emotionally. When a man is unable to get physically intimate with his partner or if he is unable to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse, he feels insecure, disappointed, demotivated, and frustrated. Though you can buy Caverta and Kamagra online from a good pharmacy, you need to know the necessary steps to prevent it.

Try to overcome performance anxieties

Low levels of testosterone also affect a man’s sexual drive. Fear and nervousness about sexual performance is always likely to create a viscous circle. Hence, it is important to break this circle. Being confident and strong during your sexual act requires you to be open with your feelings. Young men tend to face performance anxiety issues, which can result in erectile dysfunction. Seeking help from a sexual health expert also proves effective. It helps you work your way through relationship issues and anxiety pangs. There is no harm in buying drugs such as Caverta from a reputable online pharmacy, and consuming them as per your doctor’s advice. But, you first need to understand and analyze the cause of your problem to find the best solution for treating it.

Note all the types of chronic diseases

Obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure are chronic ailments that have a direct association with erectile dysfunction. Thus, if you plan to buy ED pills such as Kamagra gold and Caverta from a reputable online pharmacy, do it with your doctor’s prescription. These medicines helps you overcome psychological obstacles and gives you the confidence to perform better. However, for older men, consulting a doctor is considered to be an essential step towards uncovering and treating the underlying physical causes.

Stay clear of foods that can hamper your sex life


People are living with the common misconception that alcohol helps you shed your inhibitions. On the contrary, excess alcohol causes depression, decreasing the testosterone level in men. Try to keep a tag of the foods that cause low libido and hinder your sexual life. Stay away from mint, sodas, artificial sweeteners, canned foods, licorice, and processed cheese.

Tips To Stay Healthy

Your physical health is Undeviatingly proportional to your sexual health. Hence, you must these tips given below:

  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol. Do not consume more than two drinks a day
  • Go for a regular health checkup twice a year
  • 30 – 40 minutes of exercise per day can improve your blood flow, the state of mind and stress levels
  • If you are overweight, the excess weight may be putting your cardiovascular system under strain. So start exercising to lose weight
  • Smoking affects blood flow and neuro-signals, which normally ensure correct blood flow into the penis
  • Maintain a balanced diet and consume more fruits and vegetables
  • Control and monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels

If you have heard people telling you that prevention is better than cure, there is 100 percent truth in it. Keep these prevention measures in mind and visit your doctor regularly to monitor and keep a track of your health.

The best way to overcome or prevent erectile dysfunction is to try the following natural ways:

Tips To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Eat healthy:

One of the best ways to prevent erectile dysfunction is to take a healthy diet. A diet which is not good for the heart is also not considered good for the erections. If men take an unhealthy diet, the blood flow to and from the penis is affected which leads to erectile dysfunction. It is commonly seen that men do not eat lots of fruits and vegetables and tend to eat more of fatty, fried and processed foods. These foods lead to a reduced blood flow to the penis thereby leading to erectile dysfunction. It is recommended that men take a healthy diet that consists of a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, nuts, olive oil and fish to prevent the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Maintain weight:

Men who are overweight face the problem of erectile dysfunction. Being over-weight is a major cause of several diseases like type-2 diabetes and nerve damage. If the nerve damage affects the nerves that supply the penis, erectile dysfunction is the result. Therefore, maintain a healthy weight is essential to prevent this problem.

Maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels:

High cholesterol and high blood pressure in men may damage the blood vessels that bring blood to the penis and this leads to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is essential to maintain healthy levels of blood pressure and cholesterol so that the blood vessels can work in an efficient manner without affecting the supply of blood to and from the penis.

Avoid alcohol:

Drinking too much alcohol can damage the liver, nerves and may lead to several other health problems thereby leading to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Men who are chronic drinkers face the problem of erectile dysfunction more than those who drink it in moderation. It is therefore essential to avoid alcohol as much as possible to prevent the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Regular exercise:

An unhealthy lifestyle can be one of the leading causes of an erectile dysfunction. It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Swimming, walking and running all help men to manage weight and also lead a healthy lifestyle. Aerobic exercises are known to prevent erectile dysfunction. When choosing exercises, men must make sure to avoid exercises that put excessive pressure on the perineum. If excessive pressure is put in this area, blood vessels and nerve endings that supply blood to the penis get affected leading to erectile dysfunction.

Maintain healthy testosterone levels:

It is essential for men to maintain healthy levels of testosterone. The testosterone levels begin to fall after a specific age in men which leads to erectile dysfunction. The testosterone levels must be maintained in a healthy manner to prevent low sex drive, moodiness, lack of stamina all of which are symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Avoid steroids:

There are many men who use anabolic steroids for body-building. The overuse of these steroids is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. The overuse of these steroids shrinks the testicles and thus affects the levels of testosterone leading to erectile dysfunction.

Stop smoking:

Smoking can harm blood vessels and thus affect the blood flow to the penis leading to erectile dysfunction. Nicotine in cigarettes leads to contraction of blood vessels which further affects the blood flow to the penis leading to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, quitting smoking is the best way to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Avoid stress:

Psychological stress in men boosts levels of the hormone adrenaline, which makes blood vessels contract and thus leads to erectile dysfunction. It is essential for men to avoid stress by easing tensions and feeling mentally happy and strong to prevent erectile dysfunction.

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