Everything You Need to Understand About a Steak and Eggs Diet

Everything You Need to Understand About a Steak and Eggs Diet

The Vince Gironda steak and eggs diet is a favorite among users who want to follow a protein-rich diet. A bodybuilder from the 1950s, Gironda propagated how eliminating carbs from one’s diet and depending on only two very high-protein-rich food items like steak and eggs can help you achieve a leaner and fitter body.

Today, the Vince Gironda steak and eggs diet is a favorite among many who want to follow a slightly moderated version of the carnivore diet. Here is all you need to know.

What is Different about the Steak and Eggs Diet as Opposed to Regular Carnivore Diet?

A regular carnivore diet allows you to have only meat and other animal protein sources for the duration that you are following the diet. The steak and egg diet, on the other hand, allows you a cheat day in the week. So you can have meat and eggs for six days of the week, and you are allowed to have carbs one day of the week.

This is to acknowledge that carbs have certain beneficial properties, and eliminating them will only lead to greater temptation. While carnivore diets are mostly known as ketogenic diets, steaks and eggs form the basis of cyclical ketogenic diets or CKD.

How Does a Steak and Egg Diet Work?

This diet makes your body enter a state of ketosis. The body mostly burns glucose for gaining energy, which it receives from the sugar and carbs that you ordinarily consume. However, in the absence of carbs and sugar, the body turns to the fat deposits in the body and burns them to gain energy, thereby rapidly reducing the fatty layers in the body.

Moreover, the body also has to expend more energy to break down protein than breaking down carbs, so you’ll end up burning more calories after every meal.

 What Can You Have On Cheat Days?

The cheat day is meant to replenish the glycogen in the muscles. This is a way for the body to increase the performance levels and give it a chance to get a more holistic diet. You can opt for healthy carbohydrates from fruits like mango and bananas and vegetables like sweet potatoes, squash, and yams.

You can also have fruit-based desserts, which will infuse the body with natural sugar so that you do not have to fight the sugar cravings constantly. But, once in a while, you can have anything you want on your cheat days.

How Much Meat And Eggs Should You Have While On The Diet?

While following the steak and eggs diets, each meal should consist of four to six eggs and 650 gms to 700 gms of meat. Ideally, you should have only two meals a day, like breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. You shouldn’t have any other meals or food items during the diet duration, but condiments like salt and pepper are allowed, and you could cook the food in minimal oil or butter.

If you were under the impression that the Vince Gironda steak and eggs diet will make you lose out on minerals and vitamins, then think again. Both meat and eggs are valuable sources of nutrients, and they make up for almost all the macro and micronutrients your body may need. You are sure to achieve a healthier and fitter body with this diet.

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