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Kratom is botanically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It is a medicinal plant which is generally grown and found in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bali islands etc. Kratom is a controversial herb because of its drugging capacity. Kratom has the ability to affect our nervous system, similar to that of coffee. The medicinal herb is rarely found anywhere else except for a few Southeast Asian states. The plant is Thailand’s traditional plant and is used in their prayers. To cure constipation and sleep disorders, the people of Thailand have been using it as a medicine. It is also known to cure pains and joint aches. Recently, Thailand had banned the growth of the plant country wide. They had also ordered to cut the remaining trees for their revenue purposes. The older generations ate Kratom raw or drank its fabled tea.


The controversial herb


People have a mixed outlook towards Kratom. Some countries have completely banned it because of its drugging capacity but some are still neutral in their stand. Countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Louisiana state of US etc. have completely banned the plant. But scientists argue their reasoning because there are far more potential drugs available than Kratom which are legal in these states.


A new form


These days Kratom is available in the form of capsules. Instead of eating raw leaves or crushing the leaves and then having it, one can have it in the tablet form. The biggest advantage is that a person won’t be subjected to its bad taste. The leaves of the plant are strong and bitter which might not be according to ones liking. The tablets prevent the strong taste of leaves from spoiling ones taste buds. Also every capsule has a measured quantity of Kratom, which makes it easier for people as they won’t need to sit with measuring scales. Also carrying a bottle of tablets is far more convenient than carrying leaves. One can order the capsules online on




It takes about 15-20 minutes for the capsule to break inside the stomach and Kratom powder to dissolve in the bloodstream. The capsules come in a pre- measured quantity of 500 mg and 666 mg. Also, it can either be swallowed or taken along with water or milk. If one feels like drinking its tea, he or she can make it using the powder inside the capsules as it is the similar Kratom powder which one gets by crushing the leaves. It should only be taken in small doses as the powder inside the capsule is highly concentrated.


Kratom is a potential medicinal plant which affects first timers more than those who are already taking it. The herb can be taken on empty stomach or after a heavy meal as its effects do not lessen. With pre- measured doses, it is easy for a person to maintain the quantity he or she is intaking which is not possible with crushed leaves. One can get more information about Kratom capsules on The people of Thailand are emotionally attached to this tree and pray to it for their well being and long life.

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