Yoga for seniors: Something to practice forever

Yoga for seniors Something to practice forever

Indulgence in regular exercise can aid the quality of your sleep, body, and mind. So, your whole well-being; however, modern exercise and workout routines can be challenging for many older adults to follow. This is where yoga comes in. Yoga consists of low-impact movements performed at a slow pace that fit well into their fitness-levels.

Yoga is an exercise that you can do so much and still not feel like you are about to collapse. Additionally, it is low-impact, perfect for many seniors who still want to get their heart rate up but not dangerously. Yoga can be a part of your everyday life as it is beginner-friendly and comparatively easier to catch up on. Below we discuss how yoga for senior citizens can be significantly beneficial.


Research has shown that yoga benefits your mental, physical, and emotional health. These benefits are especially significant for you as you age.

Benefits your mental well-being

Yoga is an excellent way to meditate and relax. It exercises your body while also giving your mind a calming sensation. Regular yoga practice has proven to relax many individuals from their hectic and busy lives to living a more stress-free way as it helps to reduce stress levels. Many older adults can encounter phases in life where they feel depressed, and yoga is a great way to help prevent that. 

Strengthens bones

Yoga for seniors is an excellent way to reduce or even reverse the signs of aching bones. Some of the poses contain various stretching exercises to the body that can aid in gaining strength. Moreover, as you age, your bones and joints get weaker, making you more prone to lose balance and fall and injure yourself. By practising yoga regularly, you can reduce the chances of osteoporosis, which causes bones to become brittle or weak.

Improves sleeping patterns

As you age, lacking quality sleep can become an issue for many senior individuals. Many people have witnessed problems like insomnia as they age. However, regular yoga participants have suggested that as soon as they started to perform it frequently, the relaxing sensation improved their sleeping patterns. So they began to sleep for more extended hours than before without being disturbed in their sleep.

Enhances flexibility and balance

The relaxed slow poses and postures can improve one’s balance and flexibility. Additionally, yoga for senior citizens is especially beneficial as many of them start to lose balance with age, which causes them to fall and get injured. Improvement in balance and strength can help prevent such incidents.

Different poses for older adults

If you consider joining or taking a yoga class, it is good to know some essential steps that will later be introduced to you by a teacher or yogi. Additionally, these basic yoga poses are beginner-friendly, so anyone with any fitness level will be able to find these relatively easily, especially seniors who require low-impact workouts. Any poses and postures in yoga can also be modified to fit your comfort levels.

Child’s pose

This is a resting pose. Kneel on your shins with your and head down with your arms fully extended.

Mountain’s pose

This is a standing pose. By tucking your pelvis inwards, extend your arms at both sides, and begin to tighten your abdominal and leg muscles.

Cobra pose

Lay your face down on the floor while resting your arms by your chest and palms on the floor. By using your back muscles, lift your body upwards.

Downward dog

Start by coming on all fours, with your hands shoulder-width apart, now raise your hips in the air and extend your legs.

Warrior pose

Staying in that downward dog position, start to bring one leg forward, so your foot lands outside your hand. Now turn your back leg’s foot to a forty-five-degree angle and use your core strength to raise yourself.


As we have reviewed, yoga can be an excellent form of exercise for many senior individuals. The benefits it has to offer are significant in terms of living a happy and healthy life. Before starting any fitness regime, consulting with your health specialist to guide you even more about the wonderful benefits that yoga brings, is a great way to motivate yourself to get started. It is a journey to find your inner-peace and indulge in the form of self-care.

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